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How do you get from Disney’s Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs?

If you are staying at Saratoga Springs or planning a future visit, you probably want to know how to get to Disney Springs from the resort.

Below, I will detail SEVEN specific ways you can make this journey.

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs:

Option #1. Take a ferry boat to Disney Springs! (FREE)

A unique way to get to Disney Springs from Saratoga Springs Resort is to take a ferry!

To find the boat dock, walk out the front lobby and turn left. Turn left again when you get to the first walkway, then follow it to a waterway. From here, you should easily see where you can board the ferry.

There are multiple signs that point you in the correct direction of the boat transportation.

Another point of reference is that it’s directly behind the Turf Club Bar and Grill, which is located just past the Saratoga Springs lobby.

When you arrive at the boat dock, get comfortable and wait until the next ferry gets there. The worst part about taking the boats to Disney Springs is WAITING for one to arrive. This can be especially frustrating if you walk out to the pier and see a boat just pulling away.

I know our family has made mad dashes to the dock, attempting to board a ferry preparing to leave. 🙂 You can typically expect a new boat to arrive every 15-20 minutes.

And don’t worry if you have a stroller, as they are allowed on the boats, but you must fold them. The boats are also accessible for wheelchairs and motorized scooters.

Once the ferry leaves Saratoga Springs, it’s less than a 5-minute journey to Disney Springs.

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

It’s a relaxing ride, and you get some unique views as you travel across the lake. The ride ends at a boat dock near the Marketplace at Disney Springs. As you approach, you will see Disney Springs and all the shops and restaurants on your right.

Once you get off the boat, Disney Springs is just a short walk to your right!

This is the boat dock where you disembark and head to Disney Springs

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

Lastly, the ferries are typically scheduled to operate from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The last boat that leaves Disney Springs to return to Saratoga Springs leaves at 11:30 p.m. But make sure you check these times when you arrive, as they are subject to change.

Option #2: Take the FREE Disney bus to Disney Springs!

Did you know Disney World provides FREE bus transportation from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs? Being able to jump on and off these buses is one of the best benefits of staying at a Disney World Resort.

To use the buses to get to Disney Springs, you must first find the bus stops at Saratoga Springs. Because Saratoga Springs is such a big resort, there are five different locations where you can board the buses. The good news is that no matter where you stay within the resort, you shouldn’t have a very far walk to a bus stop.

Here are the FIVE different bus stops, listed in the order* they PICK UP guests at Saratoga Springs:

  • #1. The Springs
  • #2. Congress Park
  • #3. The Paddock
  • #4. The Carousel
  • #5. The Grandstand

*The order above is the reverse for the buses that are heading to the theme parks.*

Below is a map of where you can find each bus stop at Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

When you arrive at the bus stop, make sure you find the correct line for the bus going to Disney Springs. Don’t worry; signs mark where you need to stand.

A screen at all the bus stops shows when the next bus to Disney Springs is expected to arrive.

Since the Disney buses are free to ride, it’s a popular way to travel to Disney Springs from Saratoga Springs. You can expect a bit of a line to board the bus at certain times of the day, such as around dinner. So, give yourself plenty of time to get to Disney Springs for a reservation or show. Our family usually leaves our room about an hour before we want to arrive, just to be safe.

Once your bus leaves Saratoga Springs, Disney Springs is only 1.3 miles (2.1 km) away. The drive should take under 10 minutes.

But please be aware that you will probably be on the bus longer than 10 minutes, depending on which stop you board the bus.

That’s because you must wait as the bus drops off and picks up guests at the other stops before finally leaving for the theme park. For example, if you get on the bus at the Springs (Stop #1), it’s estimated that it will take around 15 minutes just to get through the rest of the bus stops within Saratoga Springs before finally leaving for Disney Springs.

Some guests use a strategy to walk directly to one of the last bus stops: Carosuel Road (#4) or Grandstand Road (#5). They do this to avoid spending additional time on the bus.

But I want to warn you this plan could backfire.

During busy times, such as in the evening, the bus may already be full of guests by the time it reaches these last stops. If that happens, the bus will drive by, and you must hope the next one has room for you.

Option #3: Walk from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

There are actually two different walking paths you can take to Disney Springs from the resort. Which one you take depends on which building you are staying in or what side of Disney Springs you want to enter.

Check out the map below. The RED lines are the two walking paths to Disney Springs.

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

The first walkway takes you to the western end of Disney Springs. This entrance is near Cirque de Soleil and the House of Blues.

The second walkway lets you enter on the eastern side of Disney Springs. This area is called the Marketplace and is near the Rainforest Cafe.

Regardless of which walking path you choose, you should see signs pointing you in the correct direction. If you do choose to walk to Disney Springs, I would talk to a Cast Member at the front desk to point you in the correct direction and give you a map. 🙂

Option #4: Take an Uber/Lyft from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

If you don’t want to wait for the bus or boat, using a rideshare service (Uber or Lyft) from Saratoga Springs Resort is easy. Just open the app and select Disney Springs as your destination, and you should be matched with a driver within seconds.

Because Saratoga Springs is such a big resort, it’s important that you mark your location CORRECTLY in the app to avoid any delays. No matter which building you are staying in, there will be a parking lot nearby, offering plenty of room for your driver to pick you up.

The driving distance from Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort to Disney Springs is a little over a mile (1.6 km), and the drive should take under 10 minutes, depending on the traffic and where you park. Another benefit of Uber or Lyft is that they can drop you off on the west or east end of Disney Springs, depending on the shops or restaurants you want to visit.

I have found the one-way fare from Saratoga Springs averages under $15.

If you have limited time to travel to Disney Springs, I think it is money well spent!

Between Uber and Lyft, there are a lot of drivers cruising around. Almost every time I’ve used a rideshare to the parks, I’ve had to wait less than 10 minutes to get picked up. 🙂

Option #5: Take a TAXI to Disney Springs

Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs via taxi

I know some people don’t like using Uber or Lyft because they don’t know about the person driving or don’t feel comfortable using the app. If this describes you, calling a traditional taxi company for a ride is easy.

Taking a taxi has many of the same benefits as rideshares, such as not waiting for a bus. But of course, you must pay for the taxi ride, where the Disney buses are free.

If you want to take a taxi from Saratoga Springs Resort, I recommend calling Mears Taxi, a well-known and trusted company in the Orlando area. You can even schedule and book your ride online.

Option #6: Ride in a MINNIE VAN to Disney Springs

One fun thing about using the rideshare service Lyft is that they have partnered with Disney World to provide MINNIE VANS, which are Minnie Mouse-themed mini-vans! 

A big benefit of using a Minnie Van is they are driven by DISNEY CAST MEMBERS. I know many people like this fact because the drivers are employees of Disney, which provides additional peace of mind.

While using the Lyft app inside the resort, choose Disney Springs as your destination. Then, order the Minnie Van to come and pick you up.

While this option is fun, as you can see above, it is more expensive than a regular Lyft vehicle. But in addition to a Disney Cast Member driving, here are a few additional benefits of a Minnie Van.

  • They can fit up to SIX people.
  • Includes two car seats, which your driver will install for you.
  • These vans can fit scooters and wheelchairs, but please pre-arrange your ride if you need this service.

Option #7: Drive yourself to Disney Springs!

Getting in your car (if you have one) and driving yourself is an often overlooked way to go from Disney’s Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs. It’s probably the fastest way to travel since you don’t have to wait for someone to pick you up. 🙂

The distance between these two locations is very short. The drive takes under 10 minutes, depending on traffic and where you park.

One nice thing about Disney Springs is that parking is FREE! Seriously, it’s rare for anything to be free at Disney World. 🙂

There are multiple parking lots and garages when you arrive at Disney Springs. Pay attention to where you park, as some of these lots are HUGE, and it can be hard to find your car again.

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Can the Disney Skyliner take me from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs?

The short answer to this question is NO. The Skyliner does not travel to Disney Springs. Additionally, there is no boarding station for the Skyliner at Saratoga Springs Resort.

If you want a Skyliner boarding station at your hotel, stay at the Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, Art of Animation, or Pop Century.

Can I take the Disney Monorail from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs?

monorail at disney

No, the monorail has no boarding station at Saratoga Springs. In addition, the monorail does not travel to Disney Springs.

What is your favorite way to travel from Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort to Disney Springs?

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