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6 Best Places to Rent SCOOTERS at Universal Orlando (2024)

Universal » 6 Best Places to Rent SCOOTERS at Universal Orlando (2024)

Visiting Universal Orlando means you have A LOT of walking ahead of you.

The entire complex is huge! It includes two theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure – and a water park – Universal Volcano Bay. Not to mention multiple hotels and an entertainment complex (CityWalk) with restaurants and shopping.

If you have a mobility issue, all this walking can seem overwhelming. Many people worry about slowing their families down. In many cases, walking this much is physically impossible or potentially dangerous.

universal orlando scooter rentals

Luckily, there are many options for renting a scooter while visiting Universal Orlando.

Below, I have listed the best and most used companies, highlighting the differences and things to consider. You will find multiple scooter rental businesses that operate in the Orlando area, along with HOW to rent a scooter directly from Universal Orlando.

Here is a quick summary of the BEST Universal scooter companies, depending on your situation:

  • Best Overall: Buena Vista Rentals – A great combination of pickup and delivery options, customer service, scooter options, and price.
  • Cheapest: Kingdom Strollers – But they only offer one type of scooter, which is a smaller, portable scooter that only holds up to 225 lbs. If this option fits your needs, then you will LOVE the price. 🙂
  • Most convenient for single-day rentals: Universal Orlando – Rent your scooter at the front of either Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure.

If you have additional questions after reading this post, please get in touch with them directly for help. You can also leave a COMMENT at the bottom, and we will research your answer. 🙂

6 Places to Rent Scooters at Universal Orlando:

*Please note that when it comes to scooters, you may also hear the term “ECV.” ECV stands for Electric Conveyance Vehicle. An ECV and scooter refer to the same thing, which is a 3 or 4-wheeled electric vehicle to help with mobility issues. The terms are used interchangeably below.*

#1. Buena Vista Rentals

scooter rentals universal orlando

By renting your scooter through this link, you will receive a FREE accessory courtesy of Resort Rat.

Buena Vista Rentals has served Universal Orlando guests since 1995, providing high-quality scooters and stellar customer service. They offer a range of basic to deluxe ECV options.

Delivery and Pickup Options:

You will be happy to know that Buena Vista Rentals offers FREE delivery to all Central Florida resorts and hotels. When you reserve your scooter, you will input where you are staying.

Most resorts in the Orlando area are considered “Non-Meet and Greet.” This means that they allow Buena Vista Rentals to drop off your scooter WITHOUT you being there.

This is incredibly convenient, as the scooter will be there waiting for you when you show up. Also, at the end of your trip, you can leave the scooter with the front desk, and Buena Vista will come and pick it up.

But some resorts are considered “Meet and Greet.” This means you MUST meet the delivery driver when they drop off and pick up the scooter. Most notably, this includes all the Disney World Resorts.

When you reserve a scooter, there is an option for selecting your resort. It should note whether you need to meet a driver.

Lastly, Buena Vista Rentals is one of the only companies where you can pick up the scooter from their warehouse. By doing so, you save 10%! Their address is 7330 Exchange Dr, Unit 80, Orlando, FL 32809, which is roughly a 15-minute drive from Universal Orlando.

If you need delivery to a vacation home or private residence, Please contact Buena Vista Rentals directly to inquire about options.

ECV Types Available & Pricing:

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals offers multiple ECV models, depending on what you need. Please pay attention to each scooter’s unique features, and pick one that meets your needs for carrying capacity, range, or the ability to disassemble the scooter to fit in a car.

Scooter prices vary but range from $35 to $55 a day. The price per day goes down drastically the longer you rent.

The Maxima Scooter seen below can carry 500 lbs. and reach speeds of 6 mph.

universal orlando scooter rentals

Please go to their website to compare the various models!


You can cancel for FREE if you do so more than 48 hours before your rental. If you are within 48 hours, a one or two-day rental fee will be charged.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals has an outstanding reputation for renting scooters to Universal Studios visitors. They have been around for a long time and consistently receive excellent customer reviews.

If you book your scooter for Universal Orlando using this link, you will receive a FREE accessory courtesy of Resort Rat.

#2. Kingdom Strollers

Don’t let the name fool you, as they also rent scooters. 🙂 They are a small, family-owned business focusing on making your vacation easy and less stressful.

They are known for their positive customer service and how easy they make the delivery of your scooter. In addition to scooters, they also rent strollers, cribs, bed sets, and more. Our family has rented strollers many times from Kingdom Strollers, and we have always had a pleasant, hassle-free experience.

Delivery Options:

Kingdom Strollers delivers FREE to most Orlando area hotels, resorts, and vacation homes. The exact process for delivery is different depending on where you are staying.

Scooter Types Available & Pricing

Kingdom Strollers only has one type of scooter available to rent – the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus.

The scooter features easy disassembly, a front-mounted basket, and a 12-mile charge range. It can hold passengers that weigh up to 225 lbs.

This option would be perfect if you are looking for a smaller, portable scooter for your Universal Orlando vacation!

#3. Gold Mobility Scooters

scooter rentals at universal orlando

Pickup and Delivery Options:

Gold Mobility Scooters offers the largest delivery area among the scooter rental companies on this list. They offer free ECV delivery to Universal Orlando Resorts, Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, Davenport, convention centers, and vacation homes. Upon checkout, there is a dropdown list of all the places they deliver.

Most resorts in the Orlando area don’t require you to be present for delivery but confirm this with Gold Mobility Scooters upon reservation.

If you are staying in a rental home or private residence, the company requests you call them to make sure they deliver to that location. Or else you will need to pick up the scooter in person.

ECV Types Available & Pricing:

Gold Mobility Scooters has two models available – Victory 10 and Go-Go.

  • Go-Go scooters have a 250 lbs. max and 4 to 5-hour run time
  • The premium Victory models have a 350 lbs. weight capacity and 8-hour run time. Below is a picture of the Victory 10.

Their website has many images and videos detailing the scooter’s specifics so you can choose your desired rental. In general, Victory 10 scooters are ideal for long days in the parks, while Go-Go scooters might need a midday charge. They even had this helpful video posted:

YouTube video

GMS offers more FREE accessories than any other Universal scooter rental company.

Scooter rentals include insurance, extended-range batteries, a cup holder, a phone holder, a USB port, (2) rain ponchos, and LED safety lighting. On certain models, a captain’s chair and cooling fan are available.

Daily pricing was not available; however, they do offer discounts for weekly rentals. At the time of this writing, all rentals were $229.99 for the week.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Gold Mobility Scooters is one of the few rental companies offering 24-hour cancellations. They also include accessories for FREE, like USB ports and cup holders that normally are an additional charge. Their delivery seems flexible, and in-person warehouse pickup is nice for those with further questions.

#4. Walker Mobility Scooter Rentals

where to rent scooters and ECVs at universal orlando

Walker Mobility is one of the BEST places to rent a scooter when visiting Universal Orlando.

They have served the Central Florida area for over 25 years.

Pickup and Delivery Options:

Regarding delivery, Walker Mobility is one of the Orlando area’s least restrictive scooter rental companies. They claim to deliver to every hotel, vacation village, private residence, and vacation home in the area, in addition to all Port Canaveral cruise lines.

Regardless of where it’s delivered, you will meet the delivery driver at pickup, and they will spend time making sure you know how to operate the scooter.

ECV Types Available & Pricing:

Walker Mobility has two proprietary ECVs – the Double Whammy Deluxe and the Triple Lindy Comfort models. While similar in features, the weight capacity varies.

The Double Whammy Deluxe supports up to 300 lbs.

The Triple Lindy Comfort scooter supports up to 450 lbs.

Both of these scooters are collapsible and can easily fit into a car trunk. The Triple Lindy has the highest weight capacity of any portable scooter I could find!

Walker Mobility has pricing available by the day and weekend-only rates. In general, pricing is more affordable with more days rented. A 10% discount is available for military members.


There is no penalty for cancellations within 48 hours of your rental date. Rental cancellations within 24 hours of your delivery time are subject to a $35 fee.

#5. Scootaround

best companies for universal orlando scooter rentals

Pickup and Delivery Options:

Scootaround appears to have straightforward pickup and delivery items, and deliveries are free for rentals within 25 miles of Universal Orlando with a minimum 2-day rental.

You can also pick up your rental directly from their warehouse and receive a 10% discount.

ECV Types Available & Pricing:

Scootaround features four models in their line. If you want to see a complete breakdown of the differences and specifications of each scooter, click here. The biggest differences you will find include:

  • Maximum carrying capacity and overall size of the scooter.
  • The ability to collapse or easily disassemble to be transported.

Pricing varies by the model chosen and the number of days rented, and you can receive a custom quote online.

Cancellation Policy:

Scootaround has an incredibly restrictive cancellation policy. Please check out this link and read their policy before reserving a scooter with them.

As you can see, if you book with them, make sure your plans don’t change!

Advantages & Disadvantages

Regarding free delivery, Scootaround has the biggest delivery range of its competitors. Also, looking at their pricing, they seem to be one of the least expensive scooter rentals for trips to Universal Orlando.

But their cancellation policy is by far the WORST of any company on this list!

#6. Rent a scooter directly from Universal Orlando!

Lastly, you can rent a scooter from Universal Orlando when you arrive at each of the two theme parks. As you are walking into the entrance of Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, the rental office is located to the left.

Unfortunately, you are NOT able to rent a scooter at Universal’s Volcano Bay. But you can bring one from one of the third-party companies listed above into the water park.

The biggest advantage to renting directly from Universal Orlando is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about getting a scooter delivered or transporting it anywhere.

If you only need a scooter for ONE day, renting directly at the front of Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure is an easy option.

However, there are some HUGE negatives:

  • The cost is by far the biggest disadvantage. It is $65 per day. And there are no “Length of Stay” discounts available. It will be $65/day, no matter how long you rent the ECV.
  • You can’t remove the scooter from the location where it was rented. That means you can’t take it back with you to your resort. If you visit more than one park in a day, you show them your rental receipt to get another scooter at the new park.
  • The scooters at Universal Orlando are on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted, so scooters could be unavailable on busy days. It’s advised to get there EARLY to ensure you get one.

For those with mobility issues extending beyond the theme parks, renting a scooter from a third-party company is the BEST option.

Check out these articles for info about other Universal Orlando rentals:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How far in advance should I reserve a scooter before our Universal Orlando trip?

You should reserve your scooter as soon as possible, especially if you visit during a busier time of year, such as Spring Break or around Christmas. Most of the companies offer full refunds if canceled more than 48 hours before arrival, so it doesn’t hurt to guarantee you have access to a scooter.

What Universal Orlando scooter rental company is the cheapest?

The answer to this question varies depending on your unique situation. Your final price is determined by the type of scooter you rent and how long you need the scooter. Check out the recommended companies above to see which option fits your needs best.

The absolute cheapest scooter I could find was offered by Kingdom Strollers. But they only have one option, and it’s a smaller, portable scooter.

What is the BEST scooter model to rent at Universal Orlando?

To determine which type of scooter is best for you, please consider the following features. Once you decide what you need, you can choose the appropriate model.

  • Carrying capacity, which is how much weight the scooter holds.
  • If the scooter needs to fit inside a car, you need to find one that is portable and can be disassembled.
  • The top speed of the scooter and battery life.
  • Consider any other accessories you want to add, such as canopies, baskets, oxygen tank holders, etc.

Can I take a scooter on any rides at Univeral Orlando?

Unfortunately, there are no rides at either Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure that allow electric scooters on the ride. You must transfer to a manual wheelchair, provided at each ride’s entrance.

The only thing you can take your scooter on is the Hogwarts Express.

What happens if my scooter malfunctions while visiting Universal Orlando?

Call whichever scooter company you rented from immediately. They can help fix your scooter or get you a new one promptly.

7 Questions to Ask When Renting a Scooter at Universal Orlando:

As you review the best Universal scooter companies above, make sure that you know the answers to the questions below.

  • What is the carrying capacity of the scooter?

    • How much do you weigh, and how much can the scooter safely hold?
  • Does the scooter need to be able to fit inside a car?

    • Many scooters can be disassembled or folded to be transported in a smaller vehicle. However, some scooters do not have this ability because they are larger.
  • Performance and charging?

    • Make sure you understand how the scooter can be charged each day. Also, make sure you know how far the scooter can operate between charges and its maximum speed.
  • How is the scooter delivered to you? And what are the options for returning the scooter?

    • These options change depending on the rules and policies of the resort you are staying at. It also matters if you have rented a vacation home.
  • How much does my stroller cost to rent?

    • Make sure to get a quote for the entire length of your visit, along with any extra accessories, damage waivers, or other fees.
  • What is the company’s cancellation policy if your plans change?

    • You can typically expect a full refund, but it has to be done a certain number of days before you arrive.
  • Do any freebies come with your scooter rental?

    • Such as ponchos, cup holders, baskets, etc.

What questions do you have about the BEST Universal Orlando scooter rental companies?

Please leave a COMMENT below, and I promise to find you an answer. 🙂

Also, if you have ever rented an ECV at Universal Orlando, please let us know the company and your experience.

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