5 Best Places to Rent STROLLERS at Universal Orlando!

Universal » 5 Best Places to Rent STROLLERS at Universal Orlando!

If you have younger children, bringing a stroller to Universal Orlando is essential!

universal orlando stroller rental companies

The entire complex is huge! It includes two theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure – and a water park – Universal Volcano Bay. Not to mention multiple hotels and an entertainment complex (CityWalk) with restaurants and shopping.

If you don’t get a stroller, be prepared to carry your child all day or have them complaining and exhausted from all the walking!

I know our family ALWAYS rents a stroller when we go to Universal Orlando because we don’t own one that is big enough and durable enough to handle a day at the parks. Seriously, even as our kids get older, we still rent a stroller to help rest their legs and get them out of the sun.

Luckily, there are many options for renting a stroller while visiting Universal Orlando.

Here is a quick summary of the BEST companies and options, depending on your situation:

  • Best Overall: Kingdom Strollers – A great combination of pickup and delivery options, customer service, stroller options, and price.
  • Cheapest: Buena Vista Strollers – The least expensive stroller rental depends on what type of stroller you want and how long you need it for. It was close between Buena Vista and Kingdom Strollers for the BEST prices.
  • Best for Single Day rentals: Universal Orlando – Rent your stroller directly from Universal at the front of the theme park.

5 Best Stroller Rentals at Universal Orlando:

#1. Kingdom Strollers

Kingdom Strollers - one of the best Universal Orlando stroller rental companies

Kingdom Stroller is a family-owned business that offers MANY options for stroller delivery. They are definitely one of the most popular and best Universal Orlando stroller rental companies. As you will see below, you can even pick up and drop off the stroller directly at the Orlando International Airport (MCO)!

Pickup and Delivery Options:


  • Guests can pick up and return their stroller at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) at the Wrap’ N Fly service counter in Terminal A, Level 1. You can view a PDF map of the location HERE. This is the option our family has personally used multiple times! I love you can get your stroller right away.

Resorts and Hotels:

  • You will be happy to know that Kingdom Strollers offers FREE delivery to most resorts and hotels. When you reserve your stroller, you will input where you are staying.
  • Most resorts in the Orlando area are considered “Non-Meet and Greet.” This means that they allow Kingdom Strollers to drop off your stroller at the Front Desk WITHOUT you being there.
  • This is incredibly convenient, as the stroller will be there waiting for you at the resort when you show up. Also, at the end of your trip, you can leave the stroller with the front desk, and Kingdom Strollers will come and pick it up.
  • But some resorts are considered “Meet and Greet.” This means you MUST meet the delivery driver when they drop off and pick up the stroller. Most notably, this includes all the Disney World Resorts.
  • When you select your resort as you reserve your stroller, it should note whether you need to meet a driver.

Vacation Home or Rental:

  • Delivering to a vacation rental is no problem for Kingdom Strollers. Just make sure you choose a delivery time AFTER you arrive.

Stroller Types & Pricing:

Kingdom Strollers has single, double, and specialty strollers for special needs children available. Pricing varies based on the type of stroller chosen and the number of nights rented.

As you can imagine, the longer you rent a stroller, the more discounts you receive. Each stroller is different, but they all feature a large canopy for shade, storage under the seat, and easy folding.

Kingdom Strollers provides extensive information about its strollers on its website.

  • The most popular model for a single stroller is the City Mini Single.

  • The City Mini Double is the most popular double stroller, which is the model we typically rent since we have two kids.

Kingdom Strollers also has a single stroller available for kids with special needs, good for children up to 5 feet tall and/or 100 lbs.

Lastly, all stroller rentals include a free drink holder, rain cover, and cooler bag. Snack trays and stroller hooks are available for certain stroller models for an additional fee.

GET A QUOTE: Use this link to see how much renting a stroller with Kingdom Strollers costs!

#2. Buena Vista Strollers

scooter rentals disney world

By booking your stroller through this link, you will receive a FREE accessory courtesy of Resort Rat.

Buena Vista Rentals has served guests at Universal Orlando since 1995, providing high-quality strollers and stellar customer service.

Delivery and Pickup Options:

Buena Vista Rentals offers free delivery to most Orlando-area hotels. What’s great is that they deliver the stroller to the front desk before you arrive, so you can pick it up at your convenience. You can also drop off your stroller at the same location.

Some hotels, such as Disney World Resorts, require a meet-and-greet. When you reserve a stroller, there is an option for selecting your resort. It should note whether you need to meet a driver.

Lastly, Buena Vista Rentals is one of the only companies where you can pick up the stroller from their warehouse. By doing so, you save 10%! Their address is 7330 Exchange Dr, Unit 80, Orlando, FL 32809, which is roughly a 15-minute drive from Universal Orlando.

If you need delivery to a vacation home or private residence, Please contact Buena Vista Rentals directly to inquire about options.

Stroller Types Available & Pricing:

Buena Vista Rentals offers four different stroller models. Their prices are one of the most competitive and least expensive for Univeral Orlando vacations.

  • City Mini Single Stroller: $100 for 7 days
  • B.O.B Revolution Single Stroller: $110 for 7 days
  • City Mini Double Stroller: $110 for 7 days

  • B.O.B Revolution Double Stroller: $120 for 7 days


Buena Vista has a free 48-hour cancellation policy. If you are within 48 hours of your rental, a one or two-day rental fee will be charged.

#3. Orlando Stroller Rentals

universal orlando stroller rental companies

Orlando Stroller Rentals was founded by Shannon Tanner, a mom who wanted to provide families going to Universal Orlando and other theme parks with clean, safe, and affordable strollers.

Pickup and Delivery Options:

  • Airport: Delivery and pickup are available at Luggage Hold, Terminal B, Level 1, near Mears Transportation. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. daily.
  • In-Person: Orlando Stroller Rentals has a physical store with a 24-hour stroller rack for easy late-night pickup. It is located about 25 minutes away from Universal Orlando.
  • Hotels and Resorts: Strollers are delivered to the Front Desk for pickup at your convenience. Please note if you are staying at a Disney resort, you MUST meet the delivery driver in person.
  • Vacation Rentals (Airbnb and VRBO): They offer free delivery within 20 miles of their location (3232 Rolling Oaks Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34747). It will get dropped off at the front door.

Stroller Types & Pricing:

Orlando Stroller Rentals offers both single and double strollers. Pricing varies based on the type of stroller chosen and your desired number of days.

All strollers come with a FREE rain cover, cooler, and parent console.

Orlando Stroller Rentals offers a few discounts that I did not see elsewhere:

  • $5 credit for military, police, and fire personnel per stroller rented.
  • They also offer a multi-stroller discount.

#4. Magic Strollers

magic strollers is the cheapest universal orlando stroller rental company

For budget-conscious travelers, Magic Strollers offers the BEST rates on Universal Orlando stroller rentals.

But to get these savings, you must pick up the stroller directly from their warehouse. By doing so, Magic Strollers gives you a HUGE discount (25%).

The address is 7331 Presidents Drive, Orlando, FL 32809, and is located about 15 minutes away from Universal Orlando.

Magic Strollers also delivers strollers to over 200 resorts in the Orlando area. View this link to see if where you are staying is on the list.

#5. Rent a stroller directly from Universal Orlando!

Lastly, you can rent a stroller from Universal Orlando when you arrive at each of the two theme parks. As you are walking into the entrance of Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure, the rental office is located to the left.

Unfortunately, you are NOT able to rent a stroller at Universal’s Volcano Bay or CityWalk. But you can bring one from one of the third-party companies listed above into either of these places.

The biggest advantage to renting directly from Universal Orlando is the convenience.

You don’t have to worry about getting a stroller delivered or transporting it anywhere.

If you only need a stroller for ONE day, renting directly at the front of Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure is an easy option.

However, there are some HUGE negatives:

  • The cost is by far the biggest disadvantage. It is $15 per day for a single stroller and $25 for a double. And there are no “Length of Stay” discounts available. No matter how many days you need to rent a stroller, it will be these prices.
  • You can’t remove the stroller from the location where it was rented. That means you can’t take it back with you to your resort or leave to go to CityWalk. If you visit more than one park in a day, you show them your rental receipt to get another stroller at the new park.
  • The strollers at Universal Orlando are on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted, so the strollers could be sold out on the day you need one. It’s advised to get there EARLY to ensure you get one.
  • The strollers are not very comfortable. They are made out of hard plastic and are very basic.

For most families, renting a stroller from a third-party company is the BEST option. If you need it for more than one day, it will be the cheapest. And you can take the stroller wherever you want. Lastly, your kids will thank you for not sitting on hard plastic all day! 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my own stroller to Universal Orlando instead of renting one?

Yes! Many families choose to bring their own stroller to the theme parks.

How far in advance should I reserve a stroller before our Universal Orlando trip?

You should reserve your stroller as soon as possible, especially if you visit during a busy time of year, such as Spring Break or around Christmas. Most companies offer full refunds if canceled more than 48 hours before arrival, so it doesn’t hurt to guarantee you have access to a stroller.


What Universal Orlando stroller rental is the cheapest?

The answer to this question varies depending on your unique situation. Your final price is determined by the type of stroller you rent and how long you need the stroller. Check out the recommended companies above to see which option fits your needs best.


What is the BEST stroller model to rent at Universal Orlando?

To determine which type of stroller is best for you, please consider the following features. Once you decide what you need, you can choose the appropriate model.

  • Carrying capacity, which is how much weight the stroller holds.
  • How old are your kids? Certain models are better for infants versus older children.
  • Do you need a single or double stroller?
  • Consider any other accessories you want to add.


Can I cancel the stroller reservation if my plans to Universal Orlando change?

Most companies offer a FULL refund if the cancellation is made 48 hours before arrival. Before booking your stroller, verify each company’s specific policy before making a reservation.

What questions do you have about the BEST Universal Orlando stroller rental companies?

Please leave a COMMENT below, and I promise to find you an answer. 🙂

Also, if you have ever rented a stroller for a trip to Universal Orlando, please let us know the company and your experience.

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