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A massive perk of staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is swimming in the pools.

Whether you want to simply relax and soak up some sun or send the kids down the water slide over and over, taking extra time during your stay to enjoy the pools should be a priority.

The Contemporary has THREE pools around the resort.

Below, you will learn about them all, along with the other fun activities and things to enjoy around the pools.

Lastly, make sure you make it to the end of this post to see my list of Frequently Asked Questions!

Pools at Contemporary Resort:

Pool #1: The Feature Pool

The main pool, which is called the Feature Pool, can be found directly behind the resort, sitting on a picturesque spot along Bay Lake.

The location of the pool couldn’t be better. It’s a great spot to spend the day, especially during the late afternoon and sunset since the sun will be behind you (and you can enjoy the view without getting blasted by sunlight).

The pool covers a relatively large area and has a depth of 4 feet. This relatively shallow depth (no diving!) is common at all Disney resorts as a measure to increase safety.

One of the best parts about the Feature Pool is the 17-foot high, 131-foot long water WATERSLIDE!

The pool area includes TWO hot tubs, which can be awesome for chillier nights, especially in the breezy spot next to the lake. One of the hot tubs is directly next to the base of the water slide, making it a great spot to sit and relax while enjoying the views and keeping an eye on your active kids going down the slide over and over.

The other hot tub is right in the middle of the Feature Pool, which makes it easy to jump in and out!

If your kids aren’t quite old enough to be swimming around the pool or going down the slide, a splash pad is conveniently located right next to the pool area.

It is a lot of fun to take toddlers through the fountains and sprayers and help them interact with the water elements. Be warned that you might get wet, too!

Cabanas are available to rent throughout the day if you’re looking to upgrade your poolside experience. Cabanas feature TVs, mini-fridges, and a bit of privacy to enjoy more time with your family.

The price is fairly expensive, but it’s definitely worth it to have the sort of “home base” down by the pool so you don’t have to run up and down from your room to get things.

The Feature Pool has a small poolside bar nearby called the Sand Bar, which offers food and drinks.

It’s easy to find as it’s located right next to the pool.

  • The Sand Bar’s menu includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more. It also offers kids’ meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and desserts.
  • True to its name, you can find an array of adult beverages at the bar to enjoy while sitting at the pool.

Located just next to the pool area is a sandy beach area, which features a volleyball court and more chairs to relax on and enjoy the view.

This spot is typically very quiet, making it ideal for relaxing or reading. If you have older kids who can take care of themselves, grabbing a hang-out spot here might be a good idea. You can be close by if needed but far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Since the Feature Pool is the biggest pool at the Contemporary and has the most features, it is definitely the busiest at the resort.

If you want a less crowded pool with a more relaxed atmosphere, keep reading to learn more about the other pools at the Contemporary! 🙂

Pool #2: Bay Lake Pool

Bay Lake Pool, often referred to as the “bullseye” pool due to its design, is located just a few steps away from the Feature Pool.

The circular pool is meant to be an area for adults to relax without any splashing and noise distractions from families enjoying the water slide and other main pool features.

The Bay Lake Pool maintains similar awesome views and features plenty of loungers to soak up some sun. This might be a good spot to try out if you are seeking some calm serenity, as it is often a bit less busy than the main pool.

Note that the pool may not be open depending on the time of year you visit, so don’t get your hopes up too much if you’re arriving in the winter or at other slower calendar times.

Also, there are NO lifeguards on duty at this pool.

Pool #3: Bay Cove Pool

The Bay Cove Pool (also known as the Bay Lake Tower Pool) is accessible only to guests of the Bay Lake Tower. If you are staying at the main Contemporary Resort building, you do not have access to this pool.

But, guests that are staying at the Bay Lake Tower are allowed to use any of the three pools. Who said life was fair?! 🙂

To get in, you will have to scan your room key or Magic Band. The Bay Lake Tower is almost exclusively Disney Vacation Club Members, and the resort feels like it. It’s a lot less “busy” feeling than the main Contemporary building, and the pool vibe feels the same way.

The pool features TWO water slides: a large one and a smaller one for younger kids.

It also has a zero-depth entry, where the walkway eases down into the pool. This makes accessibility easy for guests who may need a bit of help getting in or out of the pool area. Note that the other two pools have an accessibility chair to help guests in or out.

The Bay Cove Bar is the poolside bar and quick-eats restaurant here. It features most of the same types of meals as the Sand Bar at the main Contemporary pool.

One of the great things about the Bay Cove Pool is that it has lots of poolside activities!

This tends to be the case at most Disney Vacation Club resorts, since guests are more likely to be spending time lounging about. On the day that I was there, you could find a GIANT chess board and Connect Four game.

They even have a small putting green and area for bocce ball!

Finally, the area even has a spot for billiards and shuffleboard! Your family can have a lot of fun playing these games.

Thoughts on the Pools at the Contemporary Resort:

Much like the theming of the rest of the hotel, the pools are simple and elegant, serving the purpose they are there for without too much fluff or frill. You get a water slide, great views of the surrounding lake, and hot tubs. There’s nothing too special about it, but that’s not a bad thing in my eyes.

One main perk I have observed about the Contemporary pools is that they are not nearly as busy as other resorts across Walt Disney World. I think this is due to the resort’s incredible location.

It’s easy to get access the parks especially Magic Kingdom and Epcot, so guests don’t need to dedicate an entire day to pool use (or reserve every single afternoon break for the pool).

Plus, the families who want the pool to be the highest priority of their resort experience stay at other spots like the Yacht and Beach Club. The pools at the Contemporary stay nice and relaxing most of the day.

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The Pools at the Contemporary Resort – Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the pools at the Contemporary Resort located?

Here are the locations for each of the three pools:

  • Feature Pool and Bay Lake Pool: Located out the back of the main Contemporary Building near Bay Lake.

  • Bay Cove Pool: Located a short walk to the north of the main Contemporary building at the Bay Lake Tower

Here is a map of the Contemporary to help you see where the three pools can be found.

Can guests at Contemporary Resort use either of the three pools?

Which pools you can use depends on where you are staying at the Contemporary.

If you are staying inside the main Contemporary building, then you can use either the Feature Pool (#1) or the Bay Lake Pool (#2). You are NOT allowed to use the Bay Cove Pool (#3), as that is reserved only for guests of the Bay Lake Tower.

For those people staying at the Bay Lake Tower, you can use any of the three pools located around the Contemporary Resort.

When do the pools at Contemporary open?

All three pools are typically open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. daily. These hours tend to change depending on the time of year you visit. It is easy to ask the front desk for hours as you check-in, or you can always see them posted at the entrances to each pool.

Are there lifeguards at the pools at the Contemporary?

Lifeguards are on duty at the Feature Pool and the Bay Cove Pool when they are open. There are no lifeguards on duty at the Bay Cove Pool, as this is a quieter area that mostly adults use.

Do the pools at the Contemporary Resort have water slides or hot tubs?

Since the Contemporary is a “Disney Deluxe Resort,” you will find a 17-foot high, 131-foot long water slide at the Feature Pool, as well as TWO hot tubs.

The Bay Cove Pool has a 148-foot-long waterslide! But it does not have any hot tubs.

None of the pools at the Contemporary Resort have a lazy river. 

Are the pools heated at the Contemporary Resort?

Yes! All three pools are heated to 82°F (27.8°C) year-round!

Can guests at other Disney Resorts use the Contemporary Pools?

No! Guests are only allowed to use the pool at the resort they are staying at – that’s why even Contemporary guests cannot use the Bay Lake Tower pool.

Are life jackets available at the Contemporary pools?

Yes! Complimentary life jackets are available at all three of the pools. You can simply grab them off the rack for your kids to use. Be sure to put them back after you are done – the Cast Members will appreciate it!

Are there towels to use at the Contemporary pools?

Yes, fresh and clean towels are available at all three pools. In addition, there are bins to throw your used towels into as you leave the pool area.

What activities are near the pools at the Contemporary Resort?

Disney Cast Members can be found at the main pools throughout the day to provide entertainment. Get ready for Disney trivia, music, and games. They are a lot of fun and make it easier for parents to relax and enjoy their time while the kids are entertained.

At night, there is a movie under the stars, where you can sit outside and watch a movie projected near the pool area.

Other activities, like tie-dyeing shirts or making ears and other crafts also happen periodically, though those come at an additional cost. You can look for a recreation calendar near the pools to see that day’s schedule, and it should also be included in your materials when you check into the room at the start of your vacation.

Are there showers and lockers at the Contemporary pools?

Yes! There are bathrooms with showers and changing rooms next to the main pools. These locations also have lockers if you need to store your things.

Have you ever visited the pools at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have additional questions, feel free to ask, and we will try to answer! 🙂

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