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There are plenty of hidden Mickeys to find at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The guide below will show you where to find all the hidden Mickeys that I could find at the Contemporary. I’ve also included a few at the end that I located at the neighboring Bay Lake Tower.

It’s also a great idea to ask a front desk Cast Member for some additional guidance! They may even know of some additional secrets that I wasn’t able to find.

Hidden Mickeys at the Contemporary:

Hidden Mickey #1

The first hidden Mickey can be found while riding on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom!

Keep your eyes focused out of the window when approaching the Contemporary Resort. Just before entering, you can see a metal outline of Mickey’s full body! It’s a little bit abstract, but very obvious once you see it!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a clear picture from the monorail.

Hidden Mickey #2

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

As you enter the Contemporary Resort in a car, look for this Mickey. It is located on the security kiosk itself.

It’s near the top of the window, so it’s easy to spot if you are looking for it. If you happen to miss it when arriving, there is one on the opposite side you can see while leaving!

Hidden Mickey #3

Chef Mickey’s, one of the most popular restaurants at Disney, is full of the Mickey decorations. So it is difficult to tease out what is meant to be a hidden Mickey and what is more along with the restaurant theming.

Nonetheless, you can spot Mickey on the plates, silhouette cutouts, cookware, and other decorations. We are going to count it all as one!

My favorite Mickey here is the one you can see below. It’s a statue of Mickey holding a fork and spoon over the entrance to the restaurant.

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

Hidden Mickey #4

There is a specific spot located at the entrance to Chef Mickey’s that deserves its own count. The pillar towards the center of the entrance area features a hidden Mickey near the bottom.

It is one most adults wouldn’t spot at first, but kids sure can! This one you can only get to if you have a reservation for the restaurant.

Hidden Mickey #5

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

While on the main concourse of the resort, you can find an easy one in the Bay View Gift Store (“BVG”). It has a hidden Mickey in the carpet design as you enter.

It’s a bit hidden, but once you know where to look, it is easy to spot! Just go to the entrance of the store closer to the Bay Lake Tower (not the main one closest to the elevators).

Hidden Mickey #6

The other gift shop, themed after Fantasia, is constructed to have giant Mickey ears as entrances on both sides.

These are pretty obvious to spot, but we will count them as hidden Mickeys nonetheless. Inside this and other shops are various Mickey-shaped fixtures, which we won’t count.

Hidden Mickey #7

As you are exploring the resort, keep an eye on the designs on the carpet for more chances to see Mickey and his friends. This includes areas on the second and third floors and convention areas. There is actually a hidden Donald Duck design on the floor to see, so be sure to keep your eyes out for it!

Hidden Mickey #8

One of the best Mickeys to spot is from the California Grill. Since the best view of it is located in a spot not too many people get to visit, it is a nice find!

Peer out from the center window and look towards Magic Kingdom. Follow along the ground until you find some familiar Mickey watchband-shaped plant arrangement! The shrubbery is located sort of in between the parking areas, so it won’t take too long to spot if you are looking for it.

Pro tip: If you can’t get a reservation to dine at California Grill, you can always try your luck getting a spot at the lounge. You still get the same views, plus you can still access a shortened menu with a lot of the big hits from the full one!

Hidden Mickey #9

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

There’s a hidden Mickey that can be difficult to spot nearby at the Sand Bar pool bar – it’s on the border of the wallpaper.

Look closely at the hats of the people holding the nautical flags, and you might see the recognizable mouse ears!

This is definitely one of the best-hidden Mickeys at the Contemporary, given its small size and well-hidden incorporation into the theming.

Hidden Mickey #10

Just below the pool bar wallpaper are nautical flags. This is a tricky hidden Mickey to spot unless you are in the know, since the flags actually spell out Mickey! Practically every nautical flag use across Disney World, including at the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, has a hidden meaning. The flags that encircle the whole bar area also spell out a special Disney word. Use the code provided to figure it out for yourself! If you need a hint, it is a very long and silly word.

Hidden Mickey #11

Next, you need to head out the back of the Contemporary. Nearby the pool area is this Mickey statue artwork, which features Mickey sitting atop his iconic ear shape.

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

Hidden Mickey #12

Near the previous hidden Mickey is a flowerbed that definitely qualifies as having the iconic shape!

Hidden Mickey #13

One of the most iconic parts of the Contemporary Resort is the large mural by famed Disney artist Mary Blair. This mural is located just opposite the monorail track.

There are many questionably Mickey-shaped illustrations throughout the mural, but one in particular is definitely meant to be a Mickey.

Take a close look at the owl on top of the left figure in the middle. Its left wing (on the right when you look at it) is a three-circle Mickey!

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

This one is visible from the main concourse on the fourth floor, so it is easy to find when visiting the resort’s shopping and dining areas.

Hidden Mickey #14

On the other side of the Mary Blair mural (the side facing the Fantasia Gift Shop), you can spot another hidden Mickey.

A bowl being balanced on the head of a girl has circular patterns which are suspiciously similar to the classic Mickey head shape. The leftmost circles are too perfectly Mickey-shaped to be coincidental!

Hidden Mickey #15

While checking out the same mural, shift over to find our next Mickey visible from the Contempo Café.

hidden mickeys at the contemporary

Look for a girl in the bottom right corner of the mural that has two skunks surrounding her. There, you can check her dress for the familiar mickey shape!

This one is definitely placed intentionally since the other shapes are similar, but not nearly as round as the one at the top. I actually think this one looks a bit like a hidden Minnie since the white flourish above sort of looks like a bow!

Hidden Mickey #16

If you are dining at the Contempo Café, pay attention to the design of the chairs in the seating area.

Hidden Mickey #17

While still inspecting the mural, take a look at the side that faces the monorail track.

Here, you can find a hidden Mickey in a tree. Look at the blue and yellow circles in the tree, which form the three circles of our hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #18

Make sure to look down as you walk on the Contemporary pathways. You never know what you might find! 🙂

This particular hidden Mickey is found shortly after leaving the Contemporary to walk to Magic Kingdom.

Bay Lake Tower Hidden Mickeys

Disney’s primarily Vacation Club Resort, Bay Lake Tower, is connected to the Contemporary’s main building via a walkway located off the northern end of the building. Here, you can search for even more hidden Mickeys!

Hidden Mickey #19

While you’re lounging by the pool at Bay Lake Tower, you can spot a hidden Mickey. It is clearly noticeable by the shapes created on the side of the pool waterslide.

It’s crafted within the blue metal framework. Make sure this doesn’t distract you too much from the great views of Bay Lake!

Hidden Mickey #20

Along the connecting walkway to Bay Lake Tower, you can find a hidden Mickey embossed into one of the speakers.

These same speakers play the Happily Ever After soundtrack during the show nightly, so this is also a great spot to watch the fireworks! Just look up towards the ceiling, and you can see it.

Hidden Mickey #21

While in the lobby area of Bay Lake Tower, you can look above to see a hidden Mickey shape formed by the circles of the chandeliers!

This occurs in the atrium area, too! You have to be precise about where you stand for the circles to fully line up to become a hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #22

There are tons of hidden Mickeys and other characters located in the artwork on the walls throughout the lobby and resort hallways.

There are dozens to find, but we’re counting all of them together as a single Mickey so we don’t get too carried away.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Hidden Mickeys are there at the Contemporary Resort?

On my quest to find hidden Mickeys at the Contemporary Resort, I was able to track down 19 total. Due to the subtle nature of hidden Mickeys, there might be more out there to find, or you may count some that we decided were not true “hidden” Mickeys.  If you find hidden Mickeys not mentioned in this article, feel free to let us know in the comments.

When can you look for Hidden Mickeys at The Contemporary Resort?

One of the great things about looking for hidden Mickeys is that you can do it pretty much whenever it is convenient for you! Consider this fun activity when you have free time in your schedule, such as before a dining reservation or during an afternoon break from the theme parks. Just make sure to observe any quiet hours that may be posted if your kids are getting a bit too excited during the search.

Can non-guests look for Hidden Mickeys at The Contemporary Resort?

Yes! You don’t have to be a guest at the Contemporary Resort to participate in this activity. For example, if you are planning on visiting the resort for a dining reservation, searching for hidden Mickeys can be a great way to spend some time seeing more of the Contemporary.

Have you ever searched for Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have other questions, feel free to ask, and we will try to answer!

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