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Whether you are staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort or just visiting from the Skyliner, there are plenty of hidden Mickeys to find.

hidden mickeys at pop century

I have done my best to locate and document all the hidden Mickeys at Pop Century (I found 9). It definitely helped that I used to be a cast member here. 🙂

Pop Century Hidden Mickeys:

Hidden Mickey #1: “Mickey Mouse Club March” at the Bowling Pool Jukebox

juke box at bowling pool

To start things off, head over to the Bowling Pool in the 1950s section of the resort. First, take notice of the massive bowling pins enclosing the staircases at the ends of each building. There are nine bowling pins in total, and the 10th to complete the set is the pool itself, which is shaped like a pin!

The jukebox located at the front of the Bowling Pin Pool has all sorts of song choices listed on it. Choice C2, located near the top of the structure, is the “Mickey Mouse Club March!”

To see it, you must stand on the side of the statue closest to Hourglass Lake. Then, look to the very top of the song list.

hidden mickeys at pop century

Though it’s not a traditional Mickey-shaped icon, this is a fun nod to Mickey! Be sure to take a second to read through some of the other song titles as well.

Hidden Mickey #2: Behind Baloo and Mowgli

For the next Mickey, travel to the center of the resort and locate the beloved Jungle Book character statues behind the Hippy Dippy Pool. You can search the wall behind them for a hidden Mickey!

This one is the traditional 3-circle Mickey head shape, but it is very hard to see since it is intentionally faded and colored only slightly differently than the rest of the mural. It is in green towards the left side of the mural behind Mowgli, about 5 feet up the wall.

hidden mickeys at pop century

In the picture above, you can make it out between the leaves. If you still can’t see it, it is to the right of the longest leaf. This one is tricky! Do you see it?

Hidden Mickey #3: The GIANT hidden Mickey

This is more of an honorable mention than a hidden Mickey since this statue of the classic Mickey Phone from the 1990s section is so massive it couldn’t possibly be considered “hidden.”

Regardless, be sure to swing by the area to check it out! Honestly, this hidden Mickey is SO BIG it can be easy to miss. 🙂

Hidden Mickey #4: Behind Roger Rabbit

As you approach the 1980’s section and Computer Pool area, look for the giant statue of Roger Rabbit.

Trust me, he is not hard to see! Once you locate Roger, look behind him, and you should see a painting of a stoplight with two arms pointing. One of these hands is pointing down into the bushes.

hidden mickeys at pop century

Follow the finger as it’s pointing directly to three circles and a hidden Mickey!

Though this is not the most obvious Mickey shape, it is believed that the clue given by the pointing finger indicates the intentional shape of the bush. Therefore, it counts as a hidden Mickey. 🙂

Hidden Mickey #5: On the Giant Laptop Keyboard

While you’re still searching around the Computer Pool area, be sure to look at the giant laptop on the side of the building. It is FULL of hidden Mickeys.

First, the laptop screen features multiple Mickey shapes, including the background and on the bottom right of the screen.

However, the trickiest hidden Mickey to find is on the keyboard. Look where the windows or function button would traditionally be.

hidden mickeys at pop century

Also, take note of how the laptop is open to a webpage celebrating the opening of Animal Kingdom!

Hidden Mickey #6: On the Bus Queue Metalwork

bus stop at pop century 4

While waiting for a bus to the parks at Pop Century, be sure to investigate the metal railings that form the queue lines. At the end of each row, a Mickey shape is formed.

hidden mickeys at pop century

These hidden Mickeys only appear in the bus area, though the same type of metalwork is also used on the steps down to the Hippy Dippy Pool from the lobby area. That means the shape was definitely intentional!

Hidden Mickey #7: Behind the counter in the Everything Pop store

everything pop store

A trickier hidden Mickey to find is located behind the register as you make your way from the Everything Pop shopping area toward the bus pickup.

Behind the counter, there are vending machine-shaped boxes. One of the icons features three cylinders together that form a Mickey!

hidden mickeys at pop century

Hidden Mickey #8: On the floor in the food court

Near the center of the Everything Pop Food Court tiling is a collection of colorful tiles. Just outside this area, closer to the registers, is a clear black three-circle Mickey shape. It’s in the center of the photo below.

hidden mickeys at pop century

While you are in the food court, be sure to grab Pop Century’s famous tie-dye cheesecake! It’s available in to-go containers, so you can pick it up quickly, even if you are in a hurry.

Hidden Mickey #9: The fish bowl in the kids’ waiting area

As a conclusion to your search for hidden Mickey across Pop Century Resort, take a stroll into the kids’ waiting area at the far end of the lobby.

This area has a TV with endlessly running cartoons to entertain kids as their parents check-in and gain access to their room.

The whole room has painted walls with fun characters and images. Our hidden Mickey is in a fish bowl to the right of the TV.

Three bubbles touch together to form a classic Mickey shape. It’s just below the gills of the top fish.

hidden mickeys at pop century

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All in all, searching for hidden Mickeys is a great way to keep kids focused on the magical atmosphere they’re in, even when they are outside of the parks. An afternoon break at Pop Century to relax and recharge is a great idea for many families.

It’s hard to think of something more fun (or more free) than to search for hidden Mickeys!

Currently, Pop Century does not provide a list of hidden Mickeys at the front desk (as some other resorts do), but they can give you a scavenger hunt sheet for the resort and the other Skyliner resorts!

How many Hidden Mickeys are there at the Pop Century Resort?

We tracked down nine total on our quest to find hidden Mickeys at the Pop Century resort. Due to the subtle nature of hidden Mickeys, there might be more out there to find, or you may count some that we decided were not true “hidden” Mickeys. If you find hidden Mickeys at Pop Century not mentioned in this article, please let us know in the comments.

When can you look for Hidden Mickeys at The Pop Century Resort?

One of the great things about looking for hidden Mickeys is that you can do it whenever it is convenient! Consider this fun activity when you have free time in your schedule, such as before a dining reservation or during an afternoon break from the theme parks. Just make sure to observe any quiet hours that may be posted at Pop Century.

Can non-guests look for Hidden Mickeys at Pop Century Resort?

Yes! You don’t have to be a guest at Pop Century Resort to look for hidden Mickeys. For example, you can explore Pop Century and other resorts by hopping on the Skyliner from Hollywood Studios or EPCOT. Searching for hidden Mickeys can be a great way to spend some time seeing more of Walt Disney World and its amazing resorts.

Have you ever searched for Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Pop Century Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have other questions, feel free to ask, and we will try to answer!

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