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21 AMENITIES at Disney’s All-Star Music (2024)

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Are you interested in the amenities at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort?

amenities of All-Star Music

You have come to the right place! Below you will learn about all the amenities, activities, and benefits of staying at All-Star Music. As you will see, this value hotel is music-themed and is perfect for budget-conscious travelers who want to stay on property at Walt Disney World.

Let’s get started with the magic!

21 Amenities at All-Star Music:

#1. FREE transportation to theme parks, dining, and shopping

Did you know that Disney World provides FREE bus transportation from All-Star Music to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach? And the best part is that the bus stop is right outside the main entrance (Melody Hall).

Seriously, the complimentary bus transportation to the parks is one of the BEST benefits of staying at All-Star Music.

amenities of All-Star Music

The only negative to the bus transportation at All-Star Music is that your bus may stop at certain times of the day to pick up guests at the other two All-Star Resorts (Movies and Sports). As you can imagine, your trip will take longer if the bus makes additional stops.

Bus service to the parks typically begins 45 minutes before the park opens and ends 1 hour after it closes. Once they start, the buses run continuously throughout the day. I have found that you can typically expect a bus to arrive around every 20 minutes.

#2. The pools!

One of the best amenities at All-Star Music is the pools!

The resort has TWO pools – Calypso Pool and Piano Pool.

Pool #1: The Calypso Pool: 

amenities of All-Star Music

At over 250,000 gallons, the Calypso Pool is considered the feature pool at All-Star Music! Because of its LARGE size and central location, it is the resort’s busiest and most popular pool.

Your kids will love the fountain of the Three Caballeros (Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito)! In addition, the pool is surrounded by maracas and bongos to go along with the music theme. Finally, I love that if you look at the pool from above, it is shaped like a guitar.

Do you have very small children? There is also a kiddie pool nearby for little kids and toddlers to play in.

Pool #2: The Piano Pool

amenities of All-Star Music

The other pool at All-Star Music is the Piano Pool. At 106,036 gallons, it is much smaller than the Calypso Pool. It’s located towards the back of the resort and is conveniently situated between the Rock, Country, Jazz, and Broadway buildings. Because of its size and location, the Piano Pool is considered the quieter and more relaxed pool at All-Star Music.

As the name suggests, the pool and surrounding area are themed after the piano! If you were to look from above, the entire pool is shaped like a grand piano.

A few things to know about the pools at All-Star Music:

  • There are certain times that Disney Cast Members come out to play games (trivia, relays) with the kids!
  • Since All-Star Music is a “Value Resort,” you won’t find any water slides or hot tubs at either of the pools.
  • Both pools are between 3 to 5 (1-1.5 m) feet deep.
  • Learn more about the pools at All-Star Music HERE. Including the FOUR bonus pools you can use. 🙂

#3. Delicious food!

amenities of All-Star Music

Luckily, while staying at All-Star Music, you don’t have to go far to find food. 🙂

The main place to eat is called Intermission Food Court. It’s a large dining area located right inside Melody Hall.

  • A grocery-type market also offers many “Grab and Go” options.
  • Lastly, don’t miss the delicious treats and baked goods. Can you say cupcakes?!

all star music treats

There is also an outside pool bar called Singing Spirits. You can find it next to the Calypso Pool.

singing spirits all star music

  • Here you can find lots of delicious alcoholic drinks to enjoy while sitting at the pool.
  • They also offer a limited food menu, such as Mickey pretzels, salads, and sandwiches.

#4. Awesome Amenities INSIDE your room at All-Star Music!

Most of the rooms at All-Star Music are 260 square feet and include two double beds. In addition, here are the amenities you will find inside the room:

  • Mini-refrigerator
  • In-room safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Alarm clock with radio
  • Telephone with voicemail
  • Internet – FREE Wi-Fi
  • Toiletries – includes soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • Coffee machine – includes creamer, sugar, coffee, tea, and paper products. It uses traditional coffee, not K-cups.

There are NO microwaves or toasters in the rooms at All-Star Music unless you are staying in the Family Suites. But if you head down to the Intermission Food Court, you will find both of these for use.

microwaves toasters all star music

Lastly, All-Star Music has no room service since it is considered a “Value Resort.” But feel free to take food back to your room from the food court.

#5. Family Suites

One of the best amenities of All-Star Music Resort is the fact that they have family suites available. These rooms are perfect if you require extra space while visiting Disney World.

The Family Suite can sleep six people, and it’s 520 square feet. They are located in the Jazz Inn and Calypso buildings.

You will find one queen bed and two queen-sized pull-down beds inside the rooms.

There is a microwave included in the room, along with two bathrooms. This is a really big benefit when traveling with a larger family!

#6. Roast marshmallows! (free)

all star music campfire - amenities of All-Star Music

Are you having a quiet evening and staying at the hotel? If so, a fun amenity at All-Star Music Resort is roasting marshmallows by a fire.

If you want to check out this fun activity, head down to the campfire at Calypso Pool. The fun begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 7:30 pm (7 days a week).

  • Times are subject to change, so please verify with a Cast Member at the resort.

#7. Watch a movie under the stars

If you had a long day at the parks and want a fun way to unwind with the family, then you will love this amenity at All-Star Music!

Every night at 8:30 pm at Calypso Pool, you can sit and watch a Disney movie under the stars. Check out the movie schedule at the Front Desk so you don’t miss your favorite. 🙂

And if you don’t want to watch the movie being played at All-Star Music, you can also head over to All-Star Sports or All-Star Movies to see what they are playing. Both of these other resorts are within walking distance.

#8. VERY clean rooms!

Having a clean hotel room is something everyone wants when they enter their room!

Before you arrive, your room will go through a complete cleaning with extra attention to high-touch areas. These include things like TV remotes and door handles. Your floors will be steam cleaned and vacuumed as well!

During your stay, you can choose to have your room cleaned every other day. Disney Cast Members will empty the trash, give you new towels, clean the counters, and vacuum.

If you don’t want your room cleaned, place the occupied sign on the door handle to let Disney Cast Members know your wishes.

#9. Run or walk on the jogging trail!

running trail all star music

A wonderful amenity of the All-Star Music Resort is the jogging trail! There is a one-mile paved trail where you can either walk or run.

The path connects all three of the All-Star Resorts, which includes All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies, in addition to All-Star Music.

#10. A playground your kids can’t resist

If your kids need to burn off extra energy, you will love the playground area at All-Star Music, where they can run, play, and climb.

playground all star music

I don’t know about your kids, but mine can’t pass up a playground, even if it’s just for a few minutes! This would be a great way for kids to play and unwind a bit, especially if the lines were especially long that day at the parks.

  • The playground is located near the Jazz Inn section of the resort.

#11. Play at the arcade!

One really fun amenity at All-Star Music is the Note’able Arcade. Our son loves playing games at arcades, so he was incredibly excited that he could play right at the resort.

all star music arcade

If you want to play, you must buy a game card and add points using a credit card or cash at the kiosk in the arcade. These cards are rechargeable and can be used at other Disney Resort arcades.

amenities of All-Star Music

The arcade is open daily and found in Melody Hall! Check the Front Desk for hours of operation.

#12. You can shop without leaving All-Star Music!

all star music maestro mickeys - amenities of All-Star Music

Inside Melody Hall, you will find Maestro Mickey’s shop. Here you can shop for an array of souvenirs, shirts, pins, Mickey ears, sports apparel, character merchandise, snacks, and many other supplies!

#13. FREE parking!

Seriously, how often do you ever hear “Free Parking” anymore? 🙂

And I don’t mean you get free parking just at All-Star Movies. If you decide to drive yourself to any of the parks, you get to park for FREE at that park, as long as you stayed at All-Star Music the night before.

FREE parking is one of the best amenities of Disney’s All-Star Music, as parking costs a minimum of $25 per day at the theme parks.

#14. Online Check-In (easy)

Do you want to bypass the front desk at check-in time? If so, then use the online check-in service!

Here is how to take advantage of the Direct-to-Room amenity:

  1. First, link your Disney resort hotel reservation to your Disney account in the My Disney Experience app or Disney’s website.
  2. When you arrive, let Disney know you are there by using the online check-in service.
  3. When your room is ready, the My Disney Experience app will provide you with your room number and let you unlock your door! In addition, your MagicBand (if you have one and it is active) will work to let you in your room.

Check-in time at All-Star Music typically starts at 3:00 pm.

#15. Easy access to an ATM

amenities of All-Star Music

If you need cash for your day at the parks, there’s an ATM near the front desk, and it’s open 24 hrs.

The ATMs accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Cirrus, Plus, Star, and Honor!

#16. Currency Exchange

If you are visiting Disney World from outside the United States, a great amenity you will find at All-Star Music is the currency exchange.

If you are interested in exchanging foreign currencies, you can head to the front desk or concierge at the hotel.

#17. FREE Wi-Fi everywhere

Complimentary Wi-Fi is offered at All-Star Music and inside every Disney park and resort area!

#18. Clean your clothes at All-Star Music

amenities of All-Star Music

One of my favorite amenities at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is its 24-hour laundry service. We have taken advantage of the washing machines on many of our trips. Plenty of times, we have needed to clean clothes because the kids spilled something on themselves or we didn’t pack enough shirts.

The laundry service is self-serve, located near The Piano Pool and Calypso Pool. The cost is $3 per wash, and the dryers are $3 per 30 minutes. Luckily, you can use your credit card for payment.

If you need dry cleaning or valet laundry service, you can call “Housekeeping” on the phone in your hotel room. Please note that both of these services have additional costs.

#19. Receive deliveries at All-Star Music (or mail a letter)

Are you looking to send magic to someone while visiting Walt Disney World? You can send letters, postcards, or pre-labeled packages with postage already applied at the Front Desk!

You can also receive packages during your stay at All-Star Music! I know we have had items shipped to our resort from Amazon after forgetting something crucial at home. Just have your delivery sent to the mailing address of All-Star Music. Disney also recommends that it says “Guest” and the date of your arrival stated on the package.

Here is the address of Disney’s All-Star Music Resort: 1801 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8436.

#20. No need to carry your souvenirs 🙂

This amenity is one of my favorites when you stay at any Disney World Resort Hotel, but it is often ignored or overlooked.

If you purchase any merchandise at the parks, you can arrange to have it delivered directly to All-Star Music! This perk is incredible because you don’t need to worry about carrying souvenirs all day!

Purchases will be delivered to Maestro Mickey’s, where you can pick them up once back at the resort.

#21. Designated Smoking Areas

amenities of All-Star Music

For guests that smoke, you will be happy to hear about this amenity at All-Star Music Resort. There is a designated outdoor smoking area for guests. You can ask a Disney Cast Member or check on the resort map to see where this area is located.

Please know that smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms or on balconies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a coffee maker in the room at All-Star Music?

Yes, there is! In addition to a coffee maker, you will find creamer, sugar, coffee, tea, and paper products. The coffee machine uses traditional coffee, not K-cups. If you need additional supplies, you can request them from housekeeping.


Does All-Star Music offer room service?

The short answer is no, as none of the “Value Resorts” at Walt Disney World offer traditional room service, where you can order food and have it delivered directly to your room. But you are welcome to mobile order from the Intermission Food Court and take it back to your room! In addition, you can use Uber Eats or Door Dash to have food delivered to you from many local restaurants in Orlando.


Is there a gym at All-Star Music?

Unfortunately, there is no gym or fitness center at All-Star Music. None of the “Value Resorts” at Disney World have a dedicated location for working out. But if the weather cooperates, there is a one-mile jogging/walking trail outside you can use!


Are there microwaves in the room at All-Star Music?

microwaves toasters all star music

No, there is no microwave inside the standard rooms at the All-Star Music Resort. If you are staying in a standard room, you can use the microwaves at Intermission Food Court. However, if you are staying in the family suites, there are microwaves inside the rooms!


Are there refrigerators in the room at All-Star Music?

Yes, you will find a mini-fridge in the room, perfect for keeping snacks, drinks, medications, or other perishable items cool. But please be aware that there is no freezer inside the refrigerator.


Are there connecting rooms at All-Star Music?

Yes, the rooms at this resort can connect to each other for larger parties. Before your arrival, contact Disney Reservations to ask for connecting rooms and have them add the request to your reservation.

It’s important to know that there is no guarantee that you will receive a connecting room. The cast members at All-Star Music will do their best to make sure you are next to your other party, but you won’t know for sure until you show up on the day of your check-in. My recommendation is to also call All-Star Music directly about one week before your arrival to request connecting rooms again.

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What is your favorite amenity at All-Star Music?

It is magical to stay at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort! Even though it is considered a “Value Resort,” I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of amenities and other benefits that the hotel provides.


Please tell us about your experience at All-Star Music below. Or feel free to ask any additional questions! 🙂

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