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One of the BEST parts about staying at Disney’s Riviera Resort is swimming in the pools!

pools at riviera resort

I always recommend planning at least an extra day to explore the resort and play in the pools. Since you are paying a hefty sum to stay inside Disney’s magical bubble, be sure to make the most of it! The resort has one main pool, the Riviera Pool, and an additional “quiet” pool with a more relaxed atmosphere, called the Beau Soleil Pool.

2 Pools at Disney’s Riviera Resort:

Pool #1. The Riviera Pool

pools at riviera resort - feature pool

The Riviera Pool serves as the resort’s feature pool and sits next to the water of Barefoot Bay. It offers amazing views of the Skyliner and Riviera resort, particularly during sunset.

The pool is themed after the Mediterranean and the Italian and French Riviera, just like the rest of the resort. It has an elegant feel, with lots of comfy lounge chairs and tables surrounding it.

The pool’s centerpiece is a Mediterranean-style tower that is home to the pool’s water slide. Access to the water slide is located inside the tower itself, which includes a spiral staircase ascending to the top.

pools at riviera resort - waterslide

The pool also features a zero-entry access point, which means guests with disabilities, young kids, or older guests can still enjoy the water. The zero-entry area is to the left of the tower water slide.

For families looking for more fun, the S’il Vous Play splash area is adjacent to the Riviera Pool. The area is themed after scenes and characters from Fantasia and includes fountains and sprayers to play with. There is even a mini water slide for tiny daredevils!

Between the S’il Vous Play splash area and the Riviera Pool, there is a hot tub for guests to relax in. When I visited, this tub remained busy throughout the day. If you’re looking to spend more quiet time in the spa, trying out the one at the Beau Soleil Pool may be a better idea.

Pool #2. Beau Soleil Pool

pools at riviera resort - quiet pool

Also called the “leisure pool,” this more secluded pool is surrounded by bushes and maintains a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere. Though there are no rules against kids enjoying the pool, the Beau Soleil is meant to have a more tranquil atmosphere, and there are fewer features aimed at children.

As previously mentioned, the area includes its own hot tub. The tub is right next to the pool but feels more hidden and intimate than the one at the Riviera Pool.

The pool is a simple rectangular shape, making it a great spot to swim laps when it’s not too busy. Since it is less crowded than the Riviera Pool, there is generally plenty of space to enjoy. However, on particularly hot days, even the quieter pools tend to get busy!

The Beau Soleil Pool has plenty of seating, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy a day off from the parks.

Poolside Amenities

Since the Riviera’s pools are just a short stroll away from each other, they share many of the same amenities.

Bar Riva is adjacent to the Riviera Pool and offers a great selection of fresh drinks and light meals to enjoy while you relax. View the menu here!

pools at riviera resort - bar riva

Primo Piatto is Riviera’s quick-service location, known for its quality food offerings compared to other “basic” fast-food meals. I’m a big fan of the Romano & Herb Fries, which should be added to anything you get! You can see the menu here.

At the Riviera Pool, there is often a gelato stand inside the pool area itself! You barely need to get up from your lounge chair to get a fresh gelato at the cart, and it can really hit the spot on a hot day!

Finally, if you are looking for additional activities during your pool relaxation day, Riviera has a large lawn area with an oversized chess board, bocce court, and cornhole. These fun activities are great for kids and adults alike!

The Pools at the Riviera Resort – Frequently Asked Questions:

When do the pools at the Riviera Resort open?

Both pools are normally open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., but times can change.

Hours tend to change depending on the time of year you visit. Just ask the front desk when you arrive to see the current schedule. The operating hours should also be posted on a sign near the pool entrance.

pools at riviera resort - hours

Can non-guests use the pools at the Riviera Resort?

No, only guests staying at Riviera Resort have access to the pool area. The only exception is if the pool at your resort is undergoing maintenance. If this happens, you will be given pool privileges at a nearby resort.

Can you bring your own food and drinks to the pools at Riviera?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks to the pool area at Riviera Resort, which is a great choice if you don’t want to dine at the resort’s dining options while at the pool. There are a couple of restrictions to keep in mind:

  • No glass is permitted anywhere in the pool area.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool or on the wet deck.

Are there lifeguards at the pools at the Riviera Resort?

Lifeguards are on duty when the pools are open, typically from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Lifeguard presence and pool hours vary throughout the year, so check the schedule upon arrival.

Do the pools at Riviera have water slides, lazy rivers, or hot tubs?

Since the Riviera is a Deluxe Resort, you can find a water slide and two hot tubs!

Are the pools heated at Riviera?

Yes! All pools at Riviera Resort are heated to 82°F (27.8°C) year-round!

Are life jackets available at the Riviera Resort pools?

Yes! Complimentary life jackets are available at both pools. When you’re done using them, be sure to put them back on the stand!

pools at riviera resort - life jackets

Are there towels to use at the Riviera pools?

Yes, fresh and clean towels are available at all of the pools. They are in bins next to the pools, usually right next to a towel return bin where you can place your dirty towels when finished.

pools at riviera resort - towels

Are there activities near the pools at Riviera?

Yes, activities may include trivia, relays, and other pool games led by a children’s entertainment cast member! Additional activities such as movies, s’mores, and crafts occur periodically at scheduled times. You will want to look for an activity schedule posted near the entrance of the pools.

Each night, there is a movie under the stars, and a weekly schedule of the films will be listed on the activities schedule. If you want to watch a movie but aren’t the biggest fan of the movie playing on a certain night, you can stroll over to catch a different movie at Caribbean Beach Resort!

Finally, while you’re enjoying your day at the pool, don’t forget to look for hidden Mickeys located around the resort!

Have you ever visited the pools at Disney’s Riviera Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have additional questions, feel free to ask, and we will try to answer!

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