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Searching for Hidden Mickeys is a fun FREE activity at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

hidden mickeys at riviera resort

Whenever we stay on Disney property, we always search for hidden Mickeys. It’s a great, low-budget activity you can do at your own pace. It can also be a convenient way to pass the time before dining reservations or on days you are not visiting the theme parks.

Hidden Mickeys are intentionally placed icons of Mickey Mouse. To recognize a hidden Mickey, look for a circle representing Mickey’s face with two circles above it representing his ears.

9 Hidden Mickeys at Riviera:

Hidden Mickey #1 – The covered car entryway lights

hidden mickeys at riviera resort - entryway

The first hidden Mickey at Riviera is located at the entrance. If you get dropped off via car at the front of the resort, look straight up at the ceiling! When viewed at the right angle, three circular lighting fixtures align to form a hidden Mickey. My picture below is almost there, but several parked cars prevented the perfect view.

If you aren’t entering the resort this way, you can take a second to step out onto the street to catch a glimpse of the hidden Mickey. It’s right on the way into the resort from the bus stop area, so it’s easy to see on your way in and out of the parks.

Hidden Mickey #2 – The balcony railings

Disney employs the Mickey shape throughout the resort in its railings along the balconies. It’s not the most hidden Mickey I’ve ever seen, but it is subtle enough to miss if you aren’t paying attention. If you’re visiting the resort and can’t see the balconies from a guest room, you can step out onto one of the small balconies in the lobby area to see them! This one overlooks the courtyard area of the resort.

Here’s what they look like on the room balconies:

hidden mickeys at riviera resort - balconies

Hidden Mickey #3 – The carpet throughout the resort

You can catch hidden Mickeys in the scroll pattern on carpets adorning the halls in front of the guest rooms throughout the resort. They are standard in the carpets around all of the guest rooms. The simplest way to see them is to follow the hallway past the Voyageurs’ Lounge and the elevator, then look down at your feet.

Hidden (not) Mickey #4 – The carpet throughout the resort

Although not technically a hidden Mickey, this stylized Minnie fits the bill in every other way. In fact, you might mistake it for a Mickey at first, but look closer, and you will see the additional swirls at the top that represent Minnie’s bow!

Hidden (not) Mickey #5 – The carpet in front of the west elevator

The west elevators are a spot most guests won’t even use (unless you happen to be staying on that side of the resort), and they are tucked away into the corner. In front of the elevators, you’ll find a circular pattern on the carpets. This carpet contains more fully-formed faces of some of our favorite Disney friends! This one is Donald, characterized by his wide bill and large eyes.

Hidden (not) Mickey #5 – The carpet in front of the west elevator

hidden mickeys at riviera resort - carpet

Goofy also appears in this magical carpet, which you can see by the outline of his hat and ears. The final character is said to be Pluto, although he looks very similar to Goofy. Let me know what you think when you find this carpet in front of the west elevator!

Hidden Mickeys #7 – Topolino’s Terrace sign

Located just above the entryway into the Riviera’s signature dining location is a classic three-circle hidden Mickey! To see it, you will have to take the east elevator up to the resort’s top floor. This spot offers great views, whether or not you can secure a dining reservation for the restaurant. If you can’t but still want to enjoy the rooftop, you can see if the lounge has any open seats. See the menu here!

Hidden Mickey #8 – The Riviera Skyliner station

hidden mickeys at riviera resort - skyliner

Head outside to the Disney Skyliner station to wrap up your search for hidden Mickeys throughout the Riviera resort.

Mickey is located on the side closer to the Caribbean Beach Resort and Hollywood Studios. It is fairly tricky to spot, especially from the ground, but once you see it, you will know. It’s centered on the top of the building, and you can spot it as the gondolas swoop down into the loading area underneath.

Hidden (Not) Mickey #9 – The Riviera Skyliner station

Speaking of the other side, a hidden Minnie is located in the same spot at the Mickey, but on the side where the Skyliner heads to and from the EPCOT International Gateway. It’s the same detail, but there’s an extra flourish at the top to signify the bow on her head!

Hidden Mickeys at Riviera Resort – Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hidden Mickeys are there at the Riviera Resort?

On my quest to find hidden Mickeys at the Riviera resort, I was able to track down 9 in total. Due to the subtle nature of hidden Mickeys, there might be more out there to find, so be sure to keep your eye out for them! I expected to find some in the Voyageurs’ Lounge since the area includes a ton of Walt Disney history, but there didn’t seem to be any Mickeys.  If you find hidden Mickeys that are not mentioned in this article, please let us know in the comments.

When can you look for Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Riviera Resort?

One of the great things about looking for hidden Mickeys is that you can do it pretty much whenever it is convenient for you! Consider this fun activity when you have free time in your schedule, such as before a dining reservation or during an afternoon break from the theme parks. Since a few of the Mickeys are on the carpets near the guest rooms, don’t explore too late at night. Additionally, make sure to observe any quiet hours that may be posted.

Where are the Hidden Mickeys located at Riviera?

Hidden Mickeys are located throughout the resort, including in front of the main lobby and multiple hallways. Here is a map of the Riviera Resort to help with your search.

Can non-guests look for Hidden Mickeys at The Riviera Resort?

Yes! Non-guests can look for hidden Mickeys. You don’t have to be a guest at The Riviera Resort to participate in this activity. For example, you can explore the Riviera and other resorts by hopping on the Skyliner from Hollywood Studios or EPCOT. Searching for hidden Mickeys can be a great way to spend some time seeing more of Walt Disney World and its amazing resorts.

Are there activities near the Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Riviera Resort?

Hidden Mickeys can be found all over the resort, so depending on the time of day you are exploring, you might not be far from some other fun things to do. Taking a break to enjoy the bocce court or a bit of chess on the lawn outside can be a fun break. Resort guests also have access to both of the pool areas. In the evenings, the Riviera Resort hosts fun options like campfire activities and Movies Under the Stars by the pool.

Have you ever searched for Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Riviera Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have other questions, feel free to ask, and we will answer them!

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