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Disney’s Riviera Resort has a large list of interesting facts!

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Before and during our stays on Disney property, we enjoy learning new information about our resort. We appreciate all the little details even more when we’re there!

Riviera Resort has many facts to learn from its history to its interior design and theme. Below, you will discover these and some activities to enjoy around the resort.

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Fact #1. The resort opened on December 16th, 2019

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As Disney’s 15th Vacation Club property, the Riviera sets itself apart due to its location and subtle, elegant theming. It is currently the most recently constructed Disney Vacation Club resort, although that’s about to change with the opening of the DVC Cabins at Fort Wilderness. With its close proximity to Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney Springs, it’s perfect if you are spending time outside of the parks.

Fact #2. The resort is themed after the French and Italian Riviera

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Riviera Resort features lots of artwork combining the elegant theme of the Riviera with Disney details, making things feel much more mature than many other resorts. Much of the artwork is original and created specifically for the resort by artists.

There are also posters of Disney’s film releases from France and Italy. One of my favorite details is how the film’s names change depending on the country!

Fact #3. The mosaics located near the Skyliner stop include over 1 million pieces

facts about riviera resort - mosaics

The artwork is made of hand-cut tiles laid by hand to create stunning visuals of the iconic Tangled lantern scene and a flying Peter Pan. Both include the theme of flight, which ties in with the Skyliner. This is an awesome place to grab some photos! Be sure to take your time to appreciate the artistry here fully.

Fact #4. The water features outside the main lobby pay homage to the Mediterranean sea

Though most of the resort is inspired by the Atlantic coastal regions of France and Italy, the Mediterranean is also included! Look to either side as you enter the lobby, and you will see these calming water fountains. The Riviera Pool on the other side of the building also has a Mediterranean theme.

Fact #5. The Riviera Resort offers a character dining experience

The RRiviera’s rooftop restaurant, TTopolino’s Terrace, is one of my favorite restaurants at a WDW Resort. For breakfast, you can meet Mickey and his friends for a fun character dining experience. The characters all have themed outfits that fit the Riviera, too! If you want a more refined dining experience, the restaurant transforms into a more sophisticated experience for dinner. Reservation spots fill up quickly, so I highly recommend booking this restaurant as early as possible.

Fact #6. The resort has souvenirs and keepsakes from Walt Disney’s personal travels

The Disney family traveled through much of Europe in the mid-1930s and returned with a wealth of inspiration. Walt shipped back over 300 books during his travels. Many of those ended up being the inspiration for his fairy-tale-based films, such as Alice in Wonderland and Pinnochio!

You can see a lot of this detail in the VVoyageurs’ Lounge, located just off of the main lobby area. It’s a beautiful little nook with all sorts of interesting hidden details and homages to Walt himself.

Fact #7. The Riviera Pool contains 105,000 gallons of water

riviera resort facts - pools

Serving as the feature pool of the property, the Riviera pool features a 30-foot tall Mediterranean tower that houses a water slide! The area has ample lounge space and a hot tub for guests wanting more relaxation.

The Beau Soleil Pool is just a short stroll away from the feature pool and is another location where you can enjoy an afternoon. This pool is a bit more secluded and meant to serve as the resort’s quiet pool, though it can still get crowded on hot days.

Fact #8. The Riviera Pool has its own gelato stand

You can cool off with a frozen treat without ever leaving the pool area! Head to the pink and white cart with a striped awning and get tasty Italian gelato in a variety of flavors.

Fact #9. Room 8347 is hidden in plain sight

This is quite an interesting Disney history tidbit. Allegedly, during the resort’s construction, someone noticed that the number of rooms didn’t align with the building plans, meaning an extra room had to be added.

If you check the signs, there aren’t any numbers for room 8347. And on every other floor, the last room at the end of the hallway ends in 46. Cast members will tell you that room 8347 doesn’t exist in the system, but you can find it on the third floor on the west side of the building. This “hidden” room is a normal deluxe studio, but it is technically non-existent unless you’re standing in front of it!

Fact #10. The Barefoot Bay promenade is over a mile long

Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resorts sit on a stretch of land encircling Barefoot Bay. A wide walking trail spans the entire property, winding about 1.1 miles around. It’s A great place to take an evening stroll and enjoy the tropical vibes of the Caribbean Beach resort before circling back to the elegant charm of the Riviera.

Fact #11. There are at least 9 Hidden Mickeys at Riveria

riviera resort facts - hidden mickeys

Hidden images of Mickey Mouse can be found all around the resort, so be sure to keep an eye out during your stay! One of my favorites is located down the hall in front of the west elevators. It is A spot most guests would never explore, but it contains a hidden Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy! They are woven into the carpet just outside of the elevators.

Fact #12. Primo Piatto is an awesome quick-service location

Straying from the more typical “”ast food””type of quick service location, Primo Piatto serves great food inspired by the Riviera. There are many amazing options, and the Romano and Herb Fries they serve with sandwiches are one of my favorite snacks. They’re just different enough to be interesting, as are the main course options. See the menu here.

Fact #13. Riviera’s signature restaurant is a fine dining experience in the evenings

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In the mornings, Topolino’s Terrace is an awesome character dining experience where you can visit with Mickey and friends in their fun European outfits. At dinnertime, the restaurant is closer to a fine dining experience, with exquisite menu options and an amazing rooftop view. This restaurant’s reservation list fills up fast, so book as soon as possible to ensure you get a table. Click here to view the menu.

Fact #14. The Riviera Resort is one of the closest to Disney Springs

riviera resort to disney springs

Located just down the road, Riviera is one of the closest Disney resorts to Disney Springs! It’s A bit farther away than the ones down the river from Disney Springs, which include Port Orleans, Saratoga Springs, and Old Key West, but more centrally located within the Disney property. That means short bus rides to most parks!

Fact #15. The Riviera Resort was announced at the same time as the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

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Around the same time as Riviera was being built, Disney developed an immersive Star Wars-themed resort experience. However, the Galactic Starcruiser failed to live up to theming expectations, and its price point of over $2,000 per night for a small room was not worth the price. The resort has already closed after operating for just over a year.

The Riviera Resort was announced at the 2017 D23 expo at the same time as the Starcruiser, and despite not getting nearly as much attention, it has proven to be worth Disney’s investment.

Fact #16. The villas at the Riviera Resort can accommodate up to 12 guests

The Riviera Resort features five distinct room types. Tower studios are the smallest, sleeping two adults on the fold-down Murphy Bed. Deluxe studios are slightly bigger and more akin to a traditional hotel room. Finally, there are one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas with separate bedrooms and living areas that can accommodate up to 12 guests! Though these rooms are pricey, if you visit with multiple family members or friends, splitting the price amongst everyone can really bring down the cost.

Fact #17. Every room has a balcony

balconies - facts about riviera resort

This is an awesome perk of staying at the Riviera Resort, given the beautiful views throughout the property. However, some rooms inevitably overlook the parking lot and other less-than-ideal areas. Either way, it’s nice to have that little extra space, regardless of your view!

Do you know any more facts about Riviera Resort?

Please let us know if we missed any of your favorite facts. In addition, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and we will answer! 🙂

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