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Below, I am sharing my review of David’s Vacation Club Rentals.

save money at Disney World with david's vacation club rentals

I believe using David’s Vacation Club is one of the BEST ways to save huge money on Disney Resorts.

Table of Content – David’s Vacation Club Review

Honestly, I almost decided NOT to write this article.

We have had such a great experience using David’s Vacation Club, and have saved so much money. I was worried that it would be harder to use them if too many people found out about their service!

So, how does David’s Vacation Club work?

David’s Vacation Club connects Disney Vacation Club members who want to SELL their points to people who want to BUY those points.

In case you don’t know, the Disney Vacation Club is Disney’s version of a timeshare. When you visit Disney, you can see their booths at the resorts and parks trying to sell you the benefits.

Each year, Disney Vacation Club members earn a certain number of points, which they can use to book a vacation.

Some years, these people with a Disney timeshare can’t go on vacation. Instead of saving the points earned that year, they decide to make some money and SELL them.

This is where David’s Vacation Club comes into the picture.

They offer a marketplace that connects Disney Vacation Club owners to people who want to buy points to book their Disney vacation. Anyone can buy points to use to book their trip!

David’s Vacation Club offers a true Win-Win.

The Disney Vacation Club owner member gets money for their unused points.

And people like us can book a DELUXE Disney World resort for a MUCH cheaper price.

How much money can you SAVE using David’s Vacation Club Rentals?

The amount of cash you can save by buying points from Disney Vacation Club owners is HUGE. Of course, the exact amount varies greatly, depending on the resort you select, the length of time you stay, and the time of year you visit.

Below, I provided THREE examples to show you the savings you can get!

Example #1: Animal Kingdom Lodge – Savanna View

david's vacation club - animal kingdom

First, let’s look at booking this room on the Disney website. Here is the cost for one week at Animal Kingdom Lodge in a Savanna View studio from October 5 to 12.

As you can see, it is $792 per night for seven nights, for a total cost of $5,544.

Now let’s look at booking the same thing on David’s Vacation Club.

Here is the cost for one week at Animal Kingdom Lodge in a Savanna View studio on David’s Vacation Club. I used the same dates, from October 5  -12

The total cost is only $2,835, which is $405/night! Even as I write this, I’m shocked once again by how much you can save using David’s Vacation Club.

To recap, this example showed a savings of $2,334, which is almost 50%:

  • Disney’s website: $5,544
  • David’s Vacation Club: $2,835

Example #2: Polynesian – Water View

Next, let’s look at staying at the Polynesian Resort for seven nights between January 4th and 11th.

Here is the rate booking on Disney’s website:

david's vacation club - save money on disney resorts

The total cost comes to $5,408 ($772.57 x 7 nights)!

Here is what you would pay using David’s Vacation Club Rentals:

david's vacation club review

Incredibly, you can secure the same room and dates for only $3,634, which comes out to $519 per night!

Once again, David’s Vacation Club comes out WAY ahead. This example showed a savings of $1,774, which is roughly 33%:

  • Disney’s website: $5,408
  • David’s Vacation Club: $3,634

Example #3: Grand Floridian – Water View

If you need further proof, let’s look at one more head-to-head result!

For the final example, I compare booking a stay at the Grand Floridian for EIGHT people. Obviously, the room must be very large to sleep this many individuals.

In fact, it is a two-bedroom suite with one king bed, two queens, and a pull-out couch.

Here are the rates for this room between March 8th and March 15th (7 nights) on Disney’s website.

Wow! This room is yours for the small fortune of $26,369 ($3,767 per night)! At least you get a beverage cooler and coffee station. 🙂

Now, let’s see what this two-bedroom Grand Floridian villa would cost using David’s Vacation Club:

Incredibly, it’s ONLY $12,673 for the week, which breaks down to $1,810 per night!

The savings for this room seems ridiculous. You could buy a used car with the extra $13,696 you save!

  • Disney’s website: $26,369
  • David’s Vacation Club: $12,673 (a savings of 52%)

I’m guessing your jaw is hitting the floor wondering if these numbers are accurate. Many people immediately think that this all sounds too good to be true.

Trust me, I was sitting in your shoes thinking the same thing. But over the past few years, we have used David’s Vacation on THREE occasions to stay in some of the best Deluxe Resorts at Disney World.

#1. The Polynesian Resort

review of david's vacation club - polynesian resort

#2. Animal Kingdom Lodge

#3. The Beach Club

david's vacation club review

But there are some things you need to know and consider before using this incredible service.

What are the negatives of using David’s Vacation Club?

I’ve talked to some people about using David’s Vacation Club Rentals, but they don’t end up booking because it sounds too good to be true!

And as you saw in the previous section, with such large savings, I completely understand the concern.

Here are some of the negatives to using David’s Vacation Club. I’m not sure if I would call these reasons “negatives.” It’s more of a list of things you need to remember and understand.

#1. There is no guarantee you will get the resort you request.

One of the biggest issues with using David’s Vacation Club is the amount of rooms available.

You have to remember that David’s Vacation Club connects Disney Vacation Club owners with people who want to buy their points.

There are only so many Disney Vacation Club owners who want to sell their points every year.

That means there is a limited inventory that David’s Vacation Club can offer. So, while the prices are INCREDIBLE, it can be hard to secure a reservation.

On the David’s Vacation Club website, you can submit a “Request” for a specific resort, room, and date.

Then, the David’s Vacation Club team goes to work trying to match your request with a Disney Vacation Club owner. They can often secure the reservation, but other times, they cannot find what you want.

#2. You need to submit your booking request far in advance.

As we just discussed, there can be a low inventory of rooms with David’s Vacation Club.

Your BEST bet at fulfilling your reservation request is submitting it as far in advance as possible.

The earliest you can complete a reservation request is 11 months before your check-in window.

Each time we used David’s Vacation Club, we submitted the request on the very first day we were eligible. Luckily, we have never had a problem getting the room we wanted.

Certain resorts and rooms sell out more quickly than others. David’s Vacation Club has a guideline for when you should reserve a rental, depending on where you want to stay.

Using David’s Vacation Club is definitely a case for “the early bird getting the worm.”

It is worth noting that they have a special page that shows available LAST-MINUTE stays. You can find great deals here, especially if you want to travel soon.

#3. 100% of the payment is due when your reservation is accepted.

First, a deposit of $105 is due when you submit your reservation request. This deposit is refundable if they can’t secure your request.

But, once your reservation is confirmed, you must pay 100% of the payment (minus $105) within 24 hours. This is required because they must pay the Disney Vacation Club owner.

So, not only do you need to reserve the room up to 11 months in advance, you must be ready to pay the entire amount as soon as you get the confirmation.

#4. No cancellations!

The biggest negative to David’s Vacation Club is that you can’t cancel the reservation.

There is a strict no-refunds and no-cancellation policy. You need to make sure you are going on this trip!

David’s Vacation Club highly recommends purchasing travel insurance for those “just in case” situations.

#5. No changes to the reservation.

Similar to the fact that you can’t cancel the reservation, you also can’t modify it. Here are the things that CAN’T be changed:

  • Lead guest name
  • Travel dates
  • Resort or the room view/type

You can make minor changes, such as updating your address, adding a guest, or correcting a name.

Frequently Asked Questions – David’s Vacation Club

What happens when I arrive for my reservation using David’s Vacation Club?

When you check-in, the reservation will be in your name. You check in just like any regular Disney Resort guest. The Cast Member at the front desk will have no idea that you used David’s Vacation Club.

You are treated the same way as every guest at the resort, with full access to the same amenities and perks.

Can a David’s Vacation Club rental be linked to My Disney Experience?

Yes! Once your reservation is booked, you will receive a confirmation number. From there, you just need to link the confirmation with your My Disney Experience account.

From there, you will have full access to reserving dining reservations, purchasing tickets, etc.

Can I add a Disney Dining Plan when using David’s Vacation Club?

Yes, this is no problem. However, after your reservation has been confirmed, you will need to contact the team at David’s Vacation Club. Please call 1-800-610-5791, Monday through Friday, 9 am-5.30 pm ET.

What Disney resorts can I book using David’s Vacation Club?

The rooms you can book are considered “Disney Deluxe Villas” and are found at Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

Here are the resorts you can book at DISNEY WORLD:

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House or Kidani Village
  • Contemporary Resort – Bay Lake Tower
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Boardwalk Villas
  • Grand Floridian Villas
  • Old Key West
  • Polynesian Resort Villas and Bungalows
  • Riviera Resort
  • Saratoga Springs Resort
  • Wilderness Lodge – Boulder Ridge Villas or Copper Creek Villas & Cabins
  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins

Resorts at DISNEYLAND:

  • The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

  • The Villas at Disneyland Hotel

Other Disney Resorts:

What questions do you have about using David’s Vacation Club?

Make sure to ask in the COMMENTS section below. I promise I will research and find you an answer. 🙂

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