9 Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (with photos)

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Searching for Hidden Mickeys is a fun FREE activity at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Whenever we stay on Disney property, we always search for hidden Mickeys. It’s a great, low-budget activity you can do at your own pace. It can also be a convenient way to pass the time before dining reservations or on days you are not visiting the theme parks.

Hidden Mickeys are intentionally placed icons of Mickey Mouse. To recognize a hidden Mickey, look for a circle representing Mickey’s face with two circles above it representing his ears.

9 Hidden Mickeys at Caribbean Beach:

Hidden Mickey #1 – The Marina Lighthouse

This Mickey is close to the resort’s main lobby and pool area. There are a couple of much trickier Mickeys to find later on, so this is a great way to get used to spotting them!

The Mickey is located on the side of the Lighthouse facing the Riviera Resort. You can see it by either walking up to the base of the Lighthouse and looking up or by following the path along the water in the Martinique section of the resort towards the Riviera. Here’s the same location from a bit further back so you can see more details of where the Lighthouse is:

A cool additional detail to look out for in the same area is the Purple Martin nesting area. Disney often does its best to take care of the creatures living in the area and has set up a nesting site for the birds. You can find similar nesting sites throughout Disney World, especially in EPCOT! You might even catch them nesting depending on the time of year you visit.

Hidden Mickey #2 – The Splash Area Ship Helm

As you continue your search for Mickeys, head towards the Fuentes del Morro pool area and investigate the kid’s splash area behind the pool. You can spot the iconic three circles of Mickey Mouse at the ship’s helm!

This one is easiest to see if you walk in from the pool area, but you can also view it from just outside the fence. It’s a fun little addition to the area and another one that is fairly easy to point out to kids, especially as they play at the pool!

Here’s the same Mickey photo, just zoomed out more so you can see where it is in relation to the entire splash pad area.

Hidden Mickey #3 – The Fuentes del Morro Water Slide

An additional hidden Mickey can be found in the main pool area, but this one is much harder to spot. While playing in the pool, look at the exit to the central water slide. Just behind it, the wall of the fort is a little discolored in a pattern that resembles the three circles of a hidden Mickey!

Here’s a photo of that Mickey. During my hunt, the pool was closed for refurbishment, so getting the proper angle for the hidden Mickey was a bit tougher. However, you can still make it out in the lighter-colored stone directly behind the blue cover on the ADA pool entry chair.

Hidden Mickey #4 – The Pavement Mickey

The next Hidden Mickey at Caribbean Beach Resort is among the most well-hidden Mickeys. It is located on the pavement near the main Fuentes del Morro pool, but it will take some searching.

The easiest way to locate it is to exit the pool area nearest to the Barbados section of the resort. Once you leave the pool area, turn back around to face the pool. There will be a path just before the fencing to the right, which would take you to the Barbados area parking lot and back towards the front entrance area of Old Port Royale. At the corner of that path, you can investigate the pavement for the hidden Mickey. It’s on the edge of the path close to the lamppost.

Here’s a photo a bit zoomed out to give you a good sense of where to be looking:

Hidden Mickey #5 – The Riviera Skyliner

Though this Mickey is located at the Riviera Resort, I think it is also worth mentioning here. If you look at the side of the Skyliner station, you can make out the three circle shapes directly in the center of the roof where the gondolas enter the station. The supports obstruct it a bit, but it’s not too difficult to see.

Hidden (Not) Mickey #6 – The Riviera Skyliner

The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve found the hidden Mickeys listed above. You can find a hidden MINNIE on the other side of the Riviera Skyliner Station! In the same spot, you can see the classic three-circle shape but with the addition of a bow at the top, letting you know you’ve found Minnie Mouse.

Hidden (Not) Mickey #7 – Sebastian Photo Prop

Caribbean Beach’s unofficial mascot, Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, is incorporated into its theme quite a bit. You can even go on a hunt for Sebastian around the resort! Cast members hide a Sebastian photo prop somewhere at the resort (almost always within Old Port Royale). Once you find him, take a picture and leave him in the hiding spot. Then, you can return to the front desk and get a special button! This hunt is a great addition to the search for hidden Mickeys.

Hidden (Not) Mickey #8 – Turtle Sand Sculptures

In the Trinidad area of the resort, you can spot a couple of sea turtles lying on the sand! Though these aren’t real, they are fun to see on a stroll around Barefoot Bay. They are located at the edge of the Trinidad section of Caribbean Beach in the sand area with beach chairs.

Hidden (Not) Mickey #9 – Skyliner Resort Scavenger Hunt

In addition to searching for Mickey, Minnie, Sebastian, and the turtles, you can also swing by the front desk at Caribbean Beach Resort to get a scavenger hunt list for all of the resorts connected via the Disney Skyliner! This is a great way to spend some relaxing free time outside theme parks. While you’re completing those scavenger hunts, you can continue looking for even more hidden Mickeys!

Hidden Mickeys at Caribbean Beach Resort – FAQ

How many Hidden Mickeys are there at the Caribbean Beach Resort?

On our quest to find hidden Mickeys at the Caribbean Beach resort, we tracked down five (plus a couple of other friends). Due to the subtle nature of hidden Mickeys, there might be more out there to find! If you find hidden Mickeys that are not mentioned in this article, please let us know in the comments.

When can you look for Hidden Mickeys at The Caribbean Beach Resort?

One of the great things about looking for hidden Mickeys is that you can do it whenever it’s convenient for you! Consider this fun activity when you have free time, such as before a dining reservation or during an afternoon break from the theme parks. You can even start your vacation by finding the Mickeys right after you check in! Just make sure to observe any quiet hours that may be posted and be courteous to other guests while you search.

Where are the Hidden Mickeys located at The Caribbean Beach Resort?

Although they can be found anywhere at the resort, MOST will be located in the Old Port Royale area of Caribbean Beach. Click here for a PDF map of Caribbean Beach Resort!

Caribbean Beach Map

Can non-guests look for Hidden Mickeys at The Caribbean Beach Resort?

Yes! Even if you aren’t staying at Caribbean Beach, you can look for hidden Mickeys there. For example, you can explore Caribbean Beach and other resorts by hopping on the Skyliner from Hollywood Studios or EPCOT. Searching for hidden Mickeys can be a great way to see more of Walt Disney World and its amazing resorts.

Are there activities near the Hidden Mickeys at The Caribbean Beach Resort?

In the evenings, Caribbean Beach Resort hosts fun options like campfire activities and Movies Under the Stars. Just across the main lobby and pool area is Caribbean Cay, a fun island to explore that also has a playground! There is a ton to see and do around the resort, so you can always stop for other activities while searching.

Have you ever searched for Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s The Caribbean Beach Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have other questions, leave a comment, and we will answer!

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