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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has an interesting list of facts!

Before and during our stays on Disney property, we enjoy learning new information about our resort. We appreciate all the little details even more when we’re there!

As the first moderate-level resort that Walt Disney World opened, there is a ton to learn about this beautiful property. Below, you will discover fun facts and some activities to enjoy around the resort.

19 Facts About Caribbean Beach Resort:

Fact #1. The resort opened in 1988

When Caribbean Beach opened, Disney only offered deluxe resorts for guests. Caribbean Beach was their first venture at a more accessible price point. Less expensive value resorts and more choices in the moderate range soon followed.

Fact #2. Caribbean Beach Resort is split into five different island areas

The different resort areas are each named after an island in the Caribbean: Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, Jamaica, and Trinidad. Most rooms are similar, but each area has a unique building color to help with identification! The brightly colored buildings truly fit the relaxed, tropical atmosphere of the resort.

Fact #3. You can stay in a pirate-themed room

Though most rooms have a more subtle Caribbean theme, specific rooms in the Trinidad area of the resort are heavily decorated with a pirate theme! After the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, WDW added these rooms to give fans the ultimate pirate experience! These rooms feature beds shaped like a pirate ship, a map design on the floor, and other fun nautical details.

Fact #4. You can see the Nine Pieces of Eight from Pirates of the Caribbean

One interesting feature of the Trinidad section of the resort is the pieces of eight from Pirates of the Caribbean. These pieces, used to defeat the sea goddess Calypso, were featured in the third Pirates of the Caribbean Movie (At World’s End) and displayed at the Spyglass Grill. It’s a fun detail that most guests will miss, but well worth pointing out to anyone who enjoys the movies or pirate lore in general!

Fact #5. The Fuentes Del Morro Pool has zero-entry access

Caribbean Beach’s main pool area is themed after a Spanish fort and includes all sorts of fun details to explore. One great perk of the pool is that it has a side that gently slopes into the water, allowing guests with certain disabilities easy access to the pool. It is located on the side of the Banana Cabana. Caribbean Beach is the only moderate resort at Disney World to have this feature at one of its pools, though many deluxe resorts also offer the amenity.

Fact #6. The resort has six pools in total

Caribbean Beach has six different pools because it’s such a large resort! The main pool is called the Fuentes Del Morro Pool, and it’s centrally located near the front of the resort. In addition, there is a leisure pool within each island section of Caribbean Beach. These smaller pools offer opportunities to swim and relax in a typically less busy setting than the main feature pool.

Fact #7. Little pirates can enjoy the Fuentes Del Morro water playground

For kids under 48 inches tall, the water playground next to the feature pool at Caribbean Beach is a little slice of pirate paradise! There are mini slides, plenty of shallow water to splash around in, and even a barrel that dumps water over the side of a pirate ship.

Fact #8. Each area of the resort has its own bus stop, pool, beach area, and hammocks

Guests often worry that Caribbean Beach is so big that bus transportation will be cumbersome. However, there are seven bus stops at the resort and an internal shuttle that circles around the resort to ensure guests can travel around easily. Besides the bus stops, each section has its own dedicated recreation areas with hammocks, beaches, and pools. So, no matter where you stay at Caribbean Beach, you have these amenities nearby!

Fact #9. Caribbean Beach Resort has over 2,000 guest rooms

This resort’s footprint is massive, and the guest capacity reflects how large it is. Several thousand people can stay at just this resort alone. Keep that in mind next time you’re wondering how it can get so crowded inside the theme parks!

Fact #10. The Barefoot Bay promenade is over a mile long

Caribbean Beach and Disney’s Riviera Resort sit on a stretch of land encircling Barefoot Bay. A wide walking trail spans the entire property, winding about 1.1 miles around. It’s a great place to take an evening stroll and enjoy the tropical vibes of Caribbean Beach resort. Plus, you can also check out the chic, upscale styling at the Riviera!

Fact #11. The resort has its own sand volleyball court

Looking for a little extra recreation during your resort stay? There is a sand volleyball court between Old Port Royale and the Martinique section of Caribbean Beach. It’s located right next to the resort’s campfire. You can pick up a volleyball from the front desk (with your ID) and enjoy a few beach volleyball games with your family.

Fact #12. The resort used to be even bigger than it is now

Disney’s Riviera Resort, which opened in 2019, previously had even more rooms that were part of Caribbean Beach resort! The area where the Riviera is now used to house the Barbados section and the Custom House where guests checked in to the resort.

During the refurbishment of Caribbean Beach and the construction of Riviera, the Barbados section was moved to what used to be Trinidad North, and the guest check-in area was transferred to the newly redesigned Old Port Royale.

Fact #13. Caribbean Beach has direct access to Disney’s Skyliner

The central hub of Disney’s Skyliner gondola system is located at the south end of the resort near the Jamaica section. This hub allows guests to hop on a gondola headed in one of three directions: EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or the Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts.

There is also a second Skyliner station at the edge of the Riviera resort, which is close to the Aruba section of Caribbean Beach. If you happen to be staying in a room closer to the Riviera stop, you can hop aboard the Skyliner from there!

Fact #14. There are Hidden Mickeys around Caribbean Beach

I made a list of all the Hidden Mickeys I could find across the resort, but there may be a lot more! These hidden images of Mickey Mouse can be found around the Old Port Royale area, so be sure to keep an eye out during your stay! One of my favorites is the Barefoot Bay lighthouse, which has an obvious Mickey on it. There is another hidden Mickey that is incredibly difficult to spot. If you want more information on that, check out my article on the hidden Mickeys at Caribbean Beach!

Fact #15. Caribbean Beach has a great table-service restaurant

Sebastian’s Bistro serves a family-style meal of tasty Caribbean flavors and is open from late afternoon to evening during dinner hours. It’s conveniently located at Old Port Royale, next to the Fuentes del Morro Pool. Click here to see the menu!

Fact #16. The Trinidad section has its own quick-service restaurant

Since the Trinidad section of the resort is located furthest from the center, Disney ensures guests have convenient access to food at the Spyglass Grill. This poolside location has various food options to keep guests satisfied with their experience and avoid having to walk to Old Port Royale to grab a bite to eat. View the menu here!

Fact #17. Caribbean Beach has Coke Freestyle Machines

Located at Centertown Market, the machines allow you to fill your cup with any combination of soda you can think of. These are a huge perk because you’ll have access to more options than the traditional fountains at Disney World. If you enjoy mixed drinks, you can have any mixer you can imagine – then you just have to bring your own bottle of alcohol (or purchase one from the store at Old Port Royale). Plus, you can use your refillable resort mug at these machines, saving you tons of money throughout your stay!

The only thing you WON’T find is Pepsi products – because of their longstanding sponsorship, Disney World only serves Coke beverages. 🙂

Fact #18. Caribbean Beach has its own Joffrey’s Coffee location

Located at the Caribbean Beach Skyliner station entrance, the coffee stand is a great spot to get a pick-me-up before heading into the parks in the morning. It typically has a much shorter line than the Starbucks inside each Disney park, so getting coffee before hopping aboard the Skyliner is a good plan.

Fact #19. Caribbean Beach has no elevators

None of the buildings at Caribbean Beach have guest elevators. Most buildings are two stories, with only stairs to reach the higher level. If this is an issue for you or someone in your party, Disney will happily arrange a room on the ground floor.

Do you know any more facts about Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort?

Please let us know if we missed any of your favorite facts. In addition, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and we will answer! 🙂

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