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8 Transportation Options at Disney’s Beach Club Resort (2024)

Disney World » Beach Club » 8 Transportation Options at Disney’s Beach Club Resort (2024)

What are the transportation options at Disney’s Beach Club Resort?

It can be confusing to figure out how to travel from the resort to the theme parks, shopping areas, and other Orlando area activities.

transportation options at disney's beach club resort

I know when our family travels to Disney, knowing our transportation options BEFORE we arrive is incredibly comforting.

In this post, you will learn about all the modes of transportation available at the Beach Club, so you know EXACTLY how to get around.

8 Transportation Options at Disney’s Beach Club:

Option #1. WALK from Disney’s Beach Club!

One of the BIGGEST benefits of staying at the Beach Club is that you can walk to quite a few Disney attractions. I can’t stress this point enough because being able to walk is MUCH quicker and less stressful than taking a bus, in my opinion!

Where can I walk from the Beach Club?

There are tons of destinations you can walk to from Beach Club, including TWO theme parks and THREE other resorts:


If you plan to visit Epcot while staying at Beach Club, don’t skip this relaxing and fun walk! After you exit the hotel toward Crescent Lake, turn left, then cross the bridge over the canal to reach the walking path to Epcot.

boat transportation beach club to epcot

From there, you can enter Epcot at the International Gateway in the heart of France in the World Showcase! It’s about a 5-minute walk from Beach Club.

Hollywood Studios:

You can arrive at Hollywood Studios in about 20 minutes if you walk there from the Beach Club. You’ll follow the canal on a walking path directly to the front of the park!

But don’t rush, and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, including Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets!

Disney’s Boardwalk:

Disney’s Beach Club is directly across Crescent Lake from the Boardwalk. There are tons of things to do here as well! The Boardwalk has restaurants, street performers, a classic arcade, and incredible views over Crescent Lake. Plus, it only takes minutes to get there!

Boardwalk Inn Resort:

Maybe you have a dinner reservation at the Boardwalk Inn or want to check it out for your next trip to Disney. Whatever the reason, you can walk there from the Beach Club in about 10 minutes! Just follow the path around Crescent Lake until you arrive at the back entrance.

Walt Disney World’s Dolphin and Swan Resorts:

The restaurants, shops, and incredible architecture of the Dolphin and Swan Resorts are steps away from the Beach Club. Treat yourself to a meal at one of the many sit-down restaurants or stroll around the beautiful grounds!

Option #2. Take the Friendship Boats

boat transportation at the beach club

A fun and relaxing way to travel from the Beach Club Resort is to take FREE boat transportation using Disney’s Friendship Boats.

Where is the Friendship Boat Dock at Beach Club Resort?

The boat dock is in front of the Yacht Club, which is next door to the Beach Club. There is a lighthouse at the end of the pier where the boats pull up. It’s a great place to get a family picture while you wait for a boat!

Just walk out the back of the Beach Club, and you can’t miss the pier. 🙂

friendship boats beach club

Where can I go by boat from the Beach Club resort?

There are quite a few destinations you can get to on the Friendship Boats! Be sure to read the sign posted on the lighthouse and pick the right line for your destination.

Line up on the RIGHT for these destinations:

  • Walt Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin Hotels
  • Hollywood Studios

Line up on the LEFT for these destinations:

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn
  • Epcot

lighthouse beach club sign

And don’t worry if you have a stroller, as they are allowed on the boats, but you must fold them. The Friendship Boats are also accessible for wheelchairs and motorized scooters.

How long is the boat ride from Disney’s Beach Club Resort?

The length of your boat trip will depend on which destination you’re heading to:

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn: The boat going to Epcot stops first at the Boardwalk Inn, and it takes about 5 minutes.
  • Epcot: The boat ride is short, but you have to walk to the dock at the Yacht Club, and you will stop at the Boardwalk Inn first. Then, you will arrive at the International Gateway in about 10 minutes. It’s much quicker to walk to Epcot than to take a boat!
  • WDW Dolphin & Swan Hotels: The boats that take guests to Hollywood Studios first stop at the Dolphin and Swan. It takes only about a minute to get there!
  • Hollywood Studios: Depending on the length of the stops, it can take between 15 and 30 minutes to reach Hollywood Studios from the Beach Club. It all depends on whether many people get on and off the boat at the Dolphin and Swan.

Option #3: Take the FREE Disney bus From the Beach Club!

bus transportation at the beach club

Did you know that Disney World provides FREE bus transportation from the Beach Club? One of the greatest benefits of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort is that you don’t have to worry about finding your own transportation to the parks and Disney Springs.

Where can you take the bus from Beach Club Resort?

The buses at Disney’s Beach Club Resort provide direct service to:

  • Magic Kingdom: The bus ride is approximately 10 minutes. It is 4.5 miles (7 km) away.
  • Animal Kingdom: The bus ride is typically between 10-15 minutes. It is 4.8 miles (7.2 km) away.
  • Disney Springs: The bus ride is approximately 10 minutes. It is 2.7 miles (4.3 km) away.

No bus service is offered to Epcot or Hollywood Studios from the Beach Club. That’s because Disney provides boat transportation to both theme parks. In addition, both parks are also close enough to walk!

In addition, you can get to these locations from Beach Club with ONE bus transfer.

  • Blizzard Beach: Take the bus from Beach Club to Animal Kingdom. Then, get off the bus and find the shuttle going directly to Blizzard Beach.
  • Typhoon Lagoon: Take the bus from Beach Club to Disney Springs. Then, get off the bus and find the bus going directly to Typhoon Lagoon.
  • ANY of the other Disney World Resorts: Do you have dinner reservations at the Wilderness Lodge? Or do you want to check out the Polynesian Resort for your next vacation? Luckily, it’s EASY to get to any of the other 20+ Disney hotels from Beach Club using the free Disney bus transportation. You only need to take the bus to Disney Springs or the closest theme park. Then get off the shuttle and find the bus that goes directly to the resort you want to visit!
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports: Check with the front desk regarding bus transportation here. The schedule and operating hours change depending on what events are being held. If there are no direct buses, you must take a bus to one of the parks and transfer to ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Where is the bus stop located at the Beach Club resort?

The bus stop is just a short walk outside the main lobby entrance.

When you exit the front lobby, cross the canal bridge and head toward the parking lot. Walk until you arrive at the bus stop, which will be on your left.

beach club transportation sign

What is the bus schedule from Beach Club?

Bus service typically begins 45 minutes before the parks open and ends 1 hour after they close. Once they start, the buses run continuously throughout the day. I have found that you can typically expect a bus to arrive around every 20 minutes.

You will find a screen at the bus stop showing when the next bus to each destination is expected to arrive.

beach club bus sign

If we are going to take the bus, our family usually leaves our room about an hour before we want to arrive, just to be safe.

Option #4: Ride and relax on the Disney Skyliner!

My FAVORITE way to travel from the Beach Club is on the Disney Skyliner.

Where is the Skyliner Boarding Station at Disney’s Beach Club Resort?

While there technically isn’t a station at the resort, it’s only a 5-minute walk to the Skyliner station at Epcot’s International Gateway. As you walk out the back entrance of the Beach Club, take a left and cross the canal bridge. Various signs point you to Epcot.

Beach club to international gateway

Where can I go from the Beach Club on the Skyliner?

You can go to the following places via the Skyliner when you board at the International Gateway station:

  • Caribbean Beach Resort: This Skyliner station is the main hub, so you can go to any of the other locations from here. Additionally, you can check out the island in the middle of the lake, the Spanish Citadel-inspired main pool, or Old Port Royale’s dining and shopping area. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Caribbean Beach on the Skyliner.
  • Hollywood Studios: This is my favorite theme park at Walt Disney World! This relaxing trip on the Skyliner takes you to the front gate, giving you an amazing view as you arrive. The Skyliner trip from Disney’s Beach Club to Hollywood Studios takes about 30 minutes. It’s much shorter to walk to or take the boats to Hollywood Studios, but the Skyliner is a lot of fun to take at least once!

  • Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts: If you’re considering staying at either of these sister resorts on another Disney vacation, a great way to check them out is on the Skyliner. It stops in the middle of the two resorts, so you can pick which one to look at first! The Skyliner trip from Beach Club Resort to Art of Animation and Pop Century takes about 25 minutes.
  • Riviera Resort: Whether you’re having a character breakfast at Toppolino’s Terrace or checking out the resort for a future visit, the Skyliner is a great way to get to Riviera. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Riviera Resort from Beach Club by Skyliner.

Option #5: Drive yourself!

Getting in your car and driving yourself is an often overlooked way from Disney’s Beach Club Resort to the parks or Disney Springs. It’s probably the fastest way to travel since you don’t have to wait for someone to pick you up. 🙂

The driving distance around Disney World is reasonable, and you can get to most locations from the Beach Club within 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

And here is the BEST news about driving yourself around Walt Disney World:

As long as you stay at the Beach Club Resort, the parking at the theme parks is FREE! Unfortunately, many guests don’t realize (or forget) that parking at any of the parks costs nothing if you stay here.

Getting FREE parking at the theme parks is an incredible benefit of staying at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, as parking costs a minimum of $25 per day at each park.

Option #6: Take an Uber or Lyft from the Beach Club

beach club to animal kingdom

If you want to reach your destination quickly, using a rideshare service (Uber or Lyft) from the Beach Club Resort is easy. This option can save a lot of time, especially if you just missed the bus.

The easiest place to meet your driver is outside, near Beach Club Resort’s front lobby, as there are plenty of spots for them to stop and for you to get in the car.

outside lobby beach club

You can also visit places OUTSIDE Walt Disney World Resort with a rideshare service.

We have often stayed at a Disney resort but wanted to visit somewhere else for a day or evening. To help save money, we rarely rent a car, so we have to find alternate transportation.

Luckily, rideshares like Uber can easily take you from Beach Club to the following locations:

  • Sea World
  • Universal Theme Parks
  • Downtown Orlando
  • Restaurants, parks, etc. Honestly, you can go anywhere you want!

TWO rideshare companies operate in Disney World – Uber and Lyft. Between them both, there are a lot of drivers cruising around. Almost every time I’ve used a rideshare from the resorts, I’ve had to wait less than 10 minutes to get picked up.

The one-way fare around Walt Disney World averages about $15. In my opinion, if you have limited time to travel somewhere, it is money well spent!

Option #7: Ride in a MINNIE VAN

Another transportation option at the Beach Club is to take a Minnie Van!

Disney World has partnered with Lyft to provide MINNIE VANS, Minnie Mouse-themed mini-vans! Please be aware that this option will be more expensive than a regular Lyft vehicle.

Here are the advantages of using a Minnie Van:

  • A complimentary car seat.
  • A big benefit of using a Minnie Van from the Swan is they are driven by DISNEY CAST MEMBERS. I know many people like this fact because the drivers are Disney employees, which provides additional peace of mind.
  • Accessible vans are available and provide two spaces for mobility devices.
  • Minnie Vans can access areas that regular rideshares cannot. One example is that you can get dropped off directly in front of Magic Kingdom instead of at the Transportation and Ticket Center!

If you want to use a Minnie Van, open up the Lyft app while inside Beach Club and choose your destination. You should see the price and option to ride in a Minnie Van. If you’re satisfied, order the Minnie Van to come and pick you up!

As you can see below, Minnie Vans are much more expensive than a typical Lyft vehicle and driver. While it’s not a cost-effective strategy for everyday travel, it’s a great option if you’re short on time or want a special ride!

Option #8: Take a TAXI

taxi pick up

I know some people don’t like using Uber or Lyft because they don’t know about the person driving or don’t feel comfortable using the app. If this describes you, calling a traditional taxi company for a ride is easy.

If you want to take a taxi from the Beach Club, I recommend calling Mears Taxi, a well-known and trusted company in the Orlando area. You can even schedule and book your ride online.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Disney Skyliner stop at Beach Club?

No, there is no Skyliner Boarding Station directly at the Beach Club. However, there is a Skyliner station within walking distance. Walking to the Skyliner boarding station at Epcot’s International Gateway only takes about five minutes.


Can I take the Disney Monorail from Beach Club Resort?

monorail at disney

No, the monorail has no boarding station at Disney’s Beach Club. If you want access to this transportation option from your hotel, you must stay at the Contemporary Resort, Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, or Polynesian Village Resort.

What is your favorite transportation option at Disney’s Beach Club Resort?

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