5 Best Places to Rent WHEELCHAIRS at Disneyland (2024)

Do you have a mobility issue? If so, all the walking at Disneyland can result in unwanted pain. In many cases, walking this much is physically impossible or potentially dangerous.

If this describes you, then I highly recommend renting a wheelchair when you visit Disneyland Resort.

Luckily, there are many options for wheelchairs. Below, I have listed the best and most used companies, highlighting the differences and things to consider.

Here is a quick summary of the BEST Disneyland wheelchair rental companies. The best option depends on your unique situation.

  • Best Overall: One Stop Mobility – A great combination of pickup and delivery options, price, and customer service. They have an office right across from Disneyland.
  • Best for POWERED Wheelchairs: Scootaround– In fact, they are the only company on this list that offers electric wheelchairs and powerchairs.
  • Best for PEDIATRIC Wheelchairs: ScooterBug – If you need a wheelchair for a child, this is the only company below that offers them.
  • Cheapest: There was no clear winner regarding the least expensive wheelchair rentals at Disneyland. It depends on the type of wheelchair, length of stay, delivery needs, accessories, and other factors.
  • Most convenient for single-day rentals: Disneyland – Rent your wheelchair on a first-come, first-served basis at the front of the park.

#1. One Stop Mobility

One Stop Mobility Scooter Rental

One Stop Mobility started in 2005 to provide independence for those with mobility struggles. They have an expansive list of standard and powered wheelchairs available.

Wheelchair Rental Delivery & Pick-Up:

One Stop Mobility offers free delivery to hotels surrounding Disneyland, including vacation rental homes. You can also pick up your rental at the Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel, across the street from the theme park.

Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel

Available Wheelchairs & Pricing:

There are plenty of mobility wheelchairs available at One Stop Mobility. The company has both manual and powered wheelchairs, letting you choose your ideal model.

One Stop Mobility has the following models available:

  • Standard (250 lbs. limit)
  • Heavy Duty (350 lbs. limit)
  • Extra Heavy Duty (450 lbs. limit)
  • Standard Power Chair (300 lbs. limit)
  • HD Power Chair (350 lbs. limit)
  • Extra HD Power Chair (450 lbs. limit)

A manual chair will run at least $35 per day. The more days that you rent a wheelchair, the less expensive per day your rental becomes. Manual wheelchairs have detachable leg rests, easy-grip push handles, padded armrests, and padded wheel brake locks.

One Stop Mobility Standard Wheelchair

As you can imagine, power chairs are more expensive, starting at $65 per day. Power chairs have long-lasting batteries, a seatbelt, a joystick, and a footrest.

One Stop Mobility Powered Scooter Rental

#2. Scootaround

Pickup and Delivery Options:

Scootaround offers FREE delivery for wheelchair rentals around Disneyland with a minimum 2-day rental.

And for most resorts, Scootaround can drop the wheelchair off without you being present. If you have questions, please inquire directly with them because this policy can vary depending on location.

Wheelchair types and pricing:

Scootaround has a wide variety of wheelchairs for you to choose from, including two powered options!

  • Standard wheelchairs: options for weights between 250 – 400 lbs.
  • Electric wheelchairs: Two types offer a 300-lb or 450-lb carrying capacity.

In our opinion, if you need a manual wheelchair, more affordable options may be available. But, if you want the convenience of a powered option, then definitely consider Scootaround.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Regarding free delivery, Scootaround has a very large range. Also, looking at their rates, they offer competitive pricing on wheelchair rentals for Disneyland. One unique advantage they have is the ability to offer electric wheelchairs and powerchairs.

But their cancellation policy is by far the WORST of any company on this list!

#3. ScooterBug

Disneyland Stroller Rental Company - ScooterBug Logo

ScooterBug is the official featured provider for Disneyland wheelchair rentals. This distinction gives them a HUGE advantage over other companies regarding wheelchair delivery at Disney resorts.

If you stay at a Disneyland Resort, ScooterBug is the ONLY wheelchair rental company where you do NOT have to MEET the driver at delivery or pick up.

The company will deliver the wheelchair directly to the front desk of your Disney resort, and you can pick it up at your convenience. Then, at the end of your trip, you just drop it back off at the front desk. 🙂

  • There are THREE Disneyland Resorts: Grand Californian, Pixar Place Hotel, and Disneyland Hotel.

Available Wheelchairs & Pricing:

We really appreciate ScooterBug’s wheelchair models available. They have small and large sizes in addition to kids’ models and adaptive need chairs.

Pricing is somewhat hard to understand on their website, but they have basic information.

You can rent the following models, with pricing based on a 2-day rental:

  • 18″ Compact Wheelchair (250 lbs. limit) – $22.50 per day
  • 20″ Lite Transport Chair (350 lbs. limit) – $17.50 per day
  • 24″ Extra Wide Wheelchair (450 lbs. limit) – $22.50 per day
  • Pediatric Wheelchair (180 lbs. limit) – $17.50 per day
  • Freedom Push Adaptive Needs (200 lbs. limit) – $40 per day

ScooterBug Wheelchair Rentals

An optional damage waiver is available when you book your rental. The waiver includes coverage on things like cracks or damaged wheels. The waiver is $5 per day, up to $25.

#4. Rent a wheelchair from Disneyland

If you need a last-minute wheelchair, you can rent directly from Disneyland! You’ll find the wheelchair rental area just east of the Disneyland entrance.

Disneyland Scooter Rental

You’ll want to arrive EARLY for this rental. Wheelchairs are first-come, first-served at Disneyland. Reservations are not accepted.

Disneyland only has manual wheelchairs at a pretty affordable price – $15 per day with a $20 refundable deposit. There are no “Length of Stay” discounts. No matter how many days you need to rent a wheelchair, it will cost $15/day.

The maximum weight for a wheelchair is 350 pounds.

The biggest advantage to renting directly from Disneyland is the convenience.

You don’t have to worry about getting a wheelchair delivered to you or transporting it anywhere. If you only need a wheelchair for ONE day, renting directly at the front of Disneyland is an easy option.

The biggest disadvantage to renting wheelchairs from Disneyland is you can’t guarantee you will get one!

Their wheelchairs are on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted, so the wheelchairs could be sold out when you arrive. It’s advised to get there EARLY to ensure you get one.

For most families, renting a wheelchair from a third-party company is the BEST option.

But, if you need a wheelchair for a day to help navigate one of the theme parks, getting one directly from Disneyland is convenient.

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renting a Wheelchair at Disneyland:

As you review the best Disneyland wheelchair companies above, make sure that you consider the questions below.

  • How much does my wheelchair cost to rent at Disneyland?

    • Make sure to get a quote for the entire length of your visit, along with any extra accessories, damage waivers, or other fees.
  • What is the carrying capacity of the wheelchair?

    • How much do you weigh, and how much can the wheelchair safely hold?
  • How wide of a seat do you need?

    • You will generally find wheelchairs with seats between 18 to 24 inches wide. Make sure to select a wheelchair that fits you so you are comfortable!
  • How is the wheelchair delivered to you? And what are the options for returning the wheelchair?

    • These options change depending on where you are staying and your personal preferences. If you have specific questions, please get in touch with that company directly for assistance.
  • How far in advance can you rent a wheelchair for Disneyland?

    • During busy times at Disneyland, such as Spring Break, it can be hard to secure a wheelchair rental. Make sure you book one as soon as you can!
  • Do you want a powered/electric wheelchair?

    • These types are more expensive, but nobody has to push you!
  • What is the company’s cancellation policy if your plans change?

    • You can typically expect a full refund, but it has to be requested a certain number of days before you arrive.
  • Do any freebies come with your wheelchair rental?

    • Such as ponchos, baskets, shade canopies, etc.

Have questions about wheelchair rentals at Disneyland? Let us know!

Please leave a comment below, and I will do my best to help answer your question!

Have you needed to rent a wheelchair for a Disneyland trip? Let us know your experience and any tips in the comments!

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