5 Places to Buy Discount Tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain

“Tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain are so cheap!”

I can’t imagine anyone has ever said these words before. 🙂

discount tickets to six flags magic mountain

Below, you will learn 5 ways to purchase discounted Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets.

We will explore many options, including authorized resellers and some lesser-known strategies. I only included reputable options you can trust, so don’t expect me to recommend Craigslist or eBay to find Six Flags tickets!

Lastly, before you begin, let me temper your expectations slightly. You are not going to receive massive discounts from any of the options below, such as 20% off or more, as this just isn’t possible. But as you will see, saving a bit of money without putting in much extra effort is definitely possible.

Where to Buy Discount Magic Mountain Tickets:

#1. Buy discounted tickets directly from Six Flags

discount tickets six flags magic mountain

Most often, the BEST place to purchase Six Flags tickets is right on their website.

They have a page titled “Tickets.” There, you can find extra savings and special offers on single-day, multi-day, and modified ticket prices. Even if you don’t find a deal that fits what you need, the online ticket price is much less than purchasing tickets at the gate.

One of the best things about buying tickets for Six Flags Magic Mountain online is that you can purchase a discounted Flash Pass, which allows you to bypass lines or hold your place without waiting.

#2. Get a Six Flags+ Membership

discount tickets six flags magic mountain

A Six Flags Plus membership is unique because instead of just Six Flags Magic Mountain, you get access to ALL Six Flags Theme Parks and Water Parks. You pay monthly for the entire year, and you have access to any Six Flags you want!

If you travel a lot and love going to amusement parks, this might be a great option for you. Click this link to find out more information about the costs and benefits.

#3. Buy an Annual Pass for Six Flags Magic Mountain

discount tickets six flags magic mountain

Purchasing an Annual Pass may make sense if you plan on visiting Six Flags multiple times. In exchange for an annual fee, Passholders can visit the park as often as they want throughout the year!

Without getting into complicated math, an Annual Pass typically pays for itself if you visit the parks twice or more in one season.

Head to this site to learn more and see how much it costs.

In addition to free Magic Mountain tickets, you can get discounted food and merchandise, free parking, and other benefits!

#4. Government, Membership, or Corporate Discounts

discount tickets six flags magic mountain

You should check for discounted Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets with your employer or any groups you might be associated with.

For example, I used to work for State Farm Insurance. There was an entire list of businesses where we received extra savings, with tickets to Six Flags being one of those places!

Regarding memberships, two popular options include buying tickets with AAA or Sam’s Club.

#5. Discounted tickets for members of the military and first responders!

As a thank you, Six Flags Magic Mountain offers tickets at a reduced price to people who served in the United States military or who work as first responders.

To see how much you can save, you will need to head to this page on the Six Flags Magic Mountain website. As you will notice, you need to verify your status as a military member or a first responder before you can qualify for the discount. Discounted tickets are not available at the gate, so you need to do this online before you go.

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As you shop for discounted tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you compare the prices of tickets in a few different places. You never know who will have the best rates for the days you plan on visiting.
  • Children 2 and under are FREE, but anyone three or older requires a regular admission ticket.
  • You will ALWAYS pay more for Six Flags tickets at the gate than anywhere else. At the time of this writing, the gate ticket price was $120.00, while the online price was $70.00!

Where is the best place to buy discounted Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets?

Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS below!

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