5 Places for DISCOUNT Tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (2024)

“Wow, I can’t believe how CHEAP it is to buy Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tickets!”

I’m sure you’ve never heard this phrase from anyone who’s gone to Busch Gardens.

As you plan your vacation, it can be shocking to discover how much tickets to theme parks like Busch Gardens cost. Trust me, I’ve been there! It can be difficult to get over that sticker shock. So much so that you might consider shortening your trip or not going altogether. Before you resort to that extreme, though, take a look at this article!

Below, you will learn 5 ways you can purchase discounted Busch Gardens tickets.

We will explore many options, including authorized resellers, along with some lesser-known strategies. I made sure only to include reputable options you can trust, so don’t expect me to recommend Craigslist or eBay to find Busch Gardens tickets!

Lastly, before you begin, let me temper your expectations slightly. You are not going to receive massive discounts from any of the options below, such as 20% off or more, as this just isn’t possible. But as you will see, saving a bit of money without putting in much extra effort is definitely possible.

Where to Buy Discounted Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Tickets:

#1. Undercover Tourist

undercover tourist - cheap busch gardens tampa bay tickets

Click HERE to see how much your tickets with Undercover Tourist will cost.

One of the best places to buy cheaper Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tickets is Undercover Tourist!

They are known for their incredible customer service along with a generous REFUND policy. Believe it or not, your Busch Gardens tickets can be returned up to ONE YEAR after you bought them. This is a huge benefit, as even Busch Gardens doesn’t offer refunds if you purchase directly from them.

  • And just so you know, Undercover Tourist refunds 95% of your purchase amount. The other 5% goes toward handling and processing fees.

Below you will see my comparison of buying tickets to Busch Gardens with Undercover Tourist versus if you got them directly from their website. I used the following assumptions:

  • A single-day ticket for a family of four, including two children aged 3 or up.
  • The general admission price is for anyone aged 3+, so there is no difference in price. Anyone under three is free.

discount busch gardens tickets - tampa bay

For almost no extra effort, Undercover Tourist saves $12.11 for these Busch Gardens tickets!

I like the transparency that Undercover Tourist provides by making sure there are no hidden fees or additional taxes. I even made sure to get to the end of the checkout process to make sure the $421.36 was EXACTLY what I had to pay (and it was).

How can Undercover Tourist offer Busch Gardens Tickets at a reduced price?

If you’re like me, sometimes you think discounted theme park tickets seem too good to be true. And once that doubt enters your mind, it can be easy to lose trust and just pay the full price by buying the tickets directly from Busch Gardens.

So, it made me feel more comfortable when I learned how Undercover Tourist provides their savings. They buy theme park tickets in very large quantities, which gives them a discount. From there, Undercover Tourist resells them and passes those savings on to us! 🙂

Lastly, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tickets that are purchased with Undercover Tourist have all the same benefits as those bought directly through Busch Gardens. Once you buy the tickets, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours that has the e-tickets attached.

#2. Buy discounted tickets directly from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

discount busch gardens tickets - tampa bay

Surprisingly, the best place to get discounts on Busch Gardens tickets is often their website! Unlike many other theme parks, Busch Gardens has deep discounts almost year-round, as long as you can visit during a particular time period.

Busch Gardens has a page titled “Limited-time Offers.” There are always a few specials going on that might fit what you are looking for perfectly! For example, on the particular date of this writing, there were offers for discounted tickets through the end of July, discount meal plans, and discounts for multi-day and multi-park tickets.

Amazingly, this price was the LOWEST I found on any website. So, as long as the sale period fits your travel window, it’s best to check the Busch Gardens website first to find a deal!

#3. Discounted tickets for members of the military!

As a thank you, Busch Gardens offers discounts and specials for members of the United States Military.

To see the current savings and specials, you will need to head to this page on Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s website. They have discount options for active-duty service members and veterans.

To purchase these tickets, you need to verify your military status with GovX, a service available on the website. From there, you can purchase or claim your discounted admission.

#4. Become an Annual Passholder!

discount busch gardens tickets - tampa bay

Purchasing an Annual Pass may make sense if you plan on visiting Busch Gardens more than once over the next year.  In exchange for an annual fee, Passholders can visit the parks as often as they want for 365 days!

Without getting into complicated math, a Bronze Pass (the cheapest option) typically pays for itself in two visits. 

There are actually FOUR different annual pass options available from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Head to this site or take a look at the graphic above to learn more!

In addition to admission to Busch Gardens, here are a few other benefits of purchasing an Annual Pass:

  • Free or discounted parking at Busch Gardens.
  • Discounts on certain restaurants, activities, special events, and merchandise.
  • Free Guest Passes at certain levels.

#5. Government, Membership, or Corporate Discounts

One last place you should check for discounted Busch Gardens tickets is with your employer or any groups you might be associated with.

For example, I used to work for State Farm Insurance. There was an entire list of businesses where we received extra savings, with tickets to theme parks at the top of the list!

Regarding memberships, two popular options include buying tickets with AAA or Sam’s Club.

That said, I have found that the prices with any of the options above are very close to the discount tickets you can buy through Undercover Tourist. So, if you want to save time, I think it’s easier to buy your tickets through one of these options.

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As you shop for discounted Busch Gardens tickets, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you compare the prices of tickets in a few different places. You never know who will have the best rates for the days you plan on visiting.
  • When you compare the prices of Busch Gardens tickets, it’s important that you use the EXACT same dates. This is because ticket prices vary by start date, depending on the time of the year and how busy the parks are expected to be.
  • It’s also important to make sure you are selecting the same TYPE of ticket as you compare prices. For example, it’s very easy to select a Standard Theme Park Ticket in one place and then click on an option that includes unlimited food elsewhere, which makes it impossible to know which tickets are cheaper!
  • Children under the age of 3 are FREE, but anyone over the age of three is the same price.
  • It is almost always best to buy tickets as far in advance as possible. By doing this, you are locking in the current prices and avoiding future increases. Trust me, theme parks rarely decrease ticket prices, so you shouldn’t wait around hoping for a better deal. And it’s always going to be the most expensive to buy tickets at the gate on the day of your visit.

Where is the best place to buy discounted Busch Gardens tickets?

Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS below!

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