Scott K – Editor/Writer

  • Quick Bio:
    • Owner/editor/writer of Resort Rat
    • Education: Baldwin-Wallace University
    • Lives in Akron, Ohio
    • Married with two kids (daughter 9, son 6)

Scott loves Disney too much — it’s his biggest Walt!

Back in June 2017, Scott was just your average thirties-something dad getting ready to take his wife and two-year-old daughter to Disney World.

Honestly, he never would have chosen to go here on vacation, but he had won a trip after hitting certain incentives as a State Farm Insurance agent. He didn’t have incredibly high hopes, thinking it was just going to be hot, crowded, and a frustrating experience overall.

Well, it ended up being hot (summer in Florida) and crowded (it’s Disney), but it was in no way a frustrating experience.

In fact, both Scott and his wife LOVED every second of the trip. (So did his daughter, but they were never worried about her)

Scott still has VIVID memories of that first trip, such as putting his daughter on his shoulders and running towards the castle to watch the fireworks (he didn’t even know when they started)!

Or watching the look on his daughter’s face as she met Mickey and Minnie Mouse and got their autograph.

One thing that really stood out to Scott was staying at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

He was blown away by everything: the helpfulness of the Cast Members, the design and architecture, and the cleanliness. Not to mention it has an amazing pool and you can walk to Epcot. 🙂

Scott couldn’t believe that Disney operated over twenty resorts! If they were all as unique as the Beach Club, he knew he needed to check them all out.

Over the next few years (and after adding a son to their family), they kept going back to Disney World, staying at different resorts every time, including the Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Art of Animation.

Scott runs another website about backyard bird feeding, but the more he visited Disney World, Disneyland, Universal, and SeaWorld, the more he considered starting another website dedicated to Disney and other theme parks.

In early 2023, he finally pulled the trigger and created Resort Rat!

He decided to start by focusing mostly on the resorts around Disney World.

He found that most other sites wrote primarily about the parks, but there wasn’t as much information about all the incredible places to stay! Scott describes his writing style as Simba, yet effective

Since the start of Resort Rat, he has found himself flying down to Orlando fairly often to stay at different resorts and to get PICTURES. He has now visited EVERY resort at Disney multiple times and has amassed a giant database of pictures.

Scott loves sharing his knowledge of Disney. If you have questions or want to connect with him, he welcomes all emails.

Because as Mufasa* said (live-action movie, not animated):

“A True King Searches for What He Can Give”

*Scott wanted to make it clear he does not consider himself a king, but he really liked the quote. 🙂