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Searching for Hidden Mickeys is a fun FREE activity to do at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Whenever we stay on Disney property, we always go on a quest for hidden Mickeys. It’s a great, low-budget activity you can do at your own pace. It can also be a convenient way to pass the time before dining reservations or on days you are not visiting the theme parks.

In case you don’t know, hidden Mickeys are subtle representations of Mickey Mouse. To recognize a hidden Mickey, look for a circle representing Mickey’s face with two circles above it representing his ears.

12 Hidden Mickeys at Coronado Springs Resort:

Hidden Mickey #1

From the entrance doors, head into the main lobby and over to a wall with a Coronado Springs Resort coat of arms. The hidden Mickey is in the form of three floodlights that shine on the wall. We recommend standing on the other side of the hall to see the lights at the proper angle, forming the hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #2

For the next hidden Mickey, head toward the Pepper Market Food Court, which is also in the main building. Before you get to the food court, you’ll see Rix Sports Bar & Grill. The back exterior wall of this dining spot has a pattern with circles and other designs. In this pattern, you can find three black circles that form this hidden Mickey.

If you get hungry or thirsty while you are in this area of Coronado Springs Resort, Rix Sports Bar & Grill is a great option that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hidden Mickey #3

You can find this next hidden Mickey throughout the resort at its bus stops. Look closely at any of the bus stop signs that are shaped like a bus. You’ll see Mickey’s profile within one of the bus’s windows.

Hidden Mickey #4

Next, you’ll want to head over to the Dig Site, a Mayan-ruins-themed pool area that is home to Coronado Springs Resort’s main pool, the Lost City of Cibola. At the entrance to the Dig Site, there are two rock columns. Look up on the right, toward the top of one of the columns, and you’ll find a hidden Mickey carved into the rock.

Hidden Mickey #5

While still in the Dig Site, head over to near the restrooms and locate the decorative Mayan calendar hanging on the wall. In one corner of the calendar’s design, you’ll see a classic hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #6

When exiting the Dig Site, you’ll find another hidden Mickey, similar to #4, carved into the rock on the opposite side of the columns. To see this Mickey, look up to the furthest left corner of the rock.

Hidden Mickey #7

Exit the Dig Site area from the opposite side and take the path behind the Mayan pyramid. This will lead you to the Ranchos Village section of the resort, where you will find the next two hidden Mickeys. Head to Building 6, where you’ll see a collection of rocks near a small bridge. Look closely and notice that some of the stones form a hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #8

To the right of the rocks near the bridge, you’ll see more rocks. Within these sand-colored rocks, another set of three forms a hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #9

Head over to Grand Destino Tower for the next hidden Mickey. Enter through one of the doors facing Lago Dorado. A large Dalí-style painting of a dandelion is hung up on the wall. Look closely, and you’ll see that the dandelion is shaped like a classic Mickey.

The next three Hidden Mickeys are found at the Coronado Springs Resort Convention Center.

Hidden Mickey #10

Once you enter the Convention Center lobby, head over to the restrooms. There is a themed painting by the restrooms where you can find the next hidden Mickey. Within the painting’s cobblestone road, you’ll see a collection of circles that form this hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey #11

While still in the Convention Center lobby, locate the chandeliers in the atrium’s hallway. On both the inner and outer sides of the chandeliers, you will see a collection of hidden Mickeys making up the decorative patterns it displays.

Hidden Mickey #12

Our final hidden Mickey can be found in the Convention Center’s Veracruz Exhibit Hall. Like the hidden Mickey design in the chandeliers, you’ll find the same hidden Mickey pattern on the hallway’s square lights on the ceiling.

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The Hidden Mickeys at Coronado Springs Resort – Frequently Asked Questions:

How many hidden Mickeys are there at Coronado Springs Resort?

On our quest to find hidden Mickeys at Coronado Springs Resort, we were able to track down 12. Due to the subtle nature of hidden Mickeys, there might be more out there to find! If you find hidden Mickeys that are not mentioned in this article, please let us know in the comments.

When can you look for hidden Mickeys at Coronado Springs Resort?

One of the great things about looking for hidden Mickeys is that you can do it pretty much whenever it is convenient for you! Consider this fun activity when you have pockets in your schedule, such as before a dining reservation or during an afternoon break from the theme parks. Just make sure to observe any quiet hours that may be posted!

Can non-guests look for hidden Mickeys at Coronado Springs Resort?

Yes! Non-guests can look for hidden Mickeys. You don’t have to be a guest at Coronado Springs Resort to participate in this activity. For example, searching for hidden Mickeys can be a great way to see more of Coronado Springs Resort if you plan on visiting the resort for a dining reservation.

Have you ever searched for hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort?

If so, please let us know below if we missed anything. In addition, if you have additional questions, feel free to ask, and we will answer! 🙂

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