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Disney Cruise Line » 36 Facts about Disney’s Fantasy Cruise Ship (2024)

Facts and stats about the Disney Fantasy cruise ship:

What could be better than spending action-packed days and evenings cruising the idyllic Caribbean while totally immersed in Disney enchantment? Whether you have already booked a cruise or are just thinking about making the leap, I have plenty of Disney Fantasy facts to help you appreciate every magical detail.

facts about the Disney Fantasy cruise ship

The Disney Fantasy cruise liner’s home port is Port Canaveral in Florida.

35 Facts – Disney Cruise Line’s Fantasy

#1. The Disney Fantasy Has Her Own Fairy Godmother

The cruise ship was officially christened in New York on Feb. 28, 2012, by her ‘godmother’ Mariah Carey. At the ceremony, which took place at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, Carey said, ‘I christen thee Disney Fantasy. May God bless this ship and all who sail on her.’

#2. The Fantasy Is an Expensive Piece of Floating Real Estate

While onboard the Disney Fantasy, it is perfectly acceptable to feel like a celebrity or member of the royal family. After all, the home at sea that you are cruising on cost a whopping US $950 million!

#3. Disney Cruises Have FOUR Captains

Guests on Fantasy are in safe hands. Captain Michele Intartaglia has plenty of help from Captain Mickey, Captain Hook, and, of course, Captain Jack Sparrow.

#4. The Ship’s Horns Can Play TEN Familiar Songs

Instead of a regular blaring ship horn, listen carefully while onboard the Fantasy, and you will recognize th`e start of some of the classics!

The horn plays, ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’, ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’, ‘Be Our Guest,’ and ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.’ On the rare occasion that Disney Fantasy visits The Big Apple, the horn will even play the start of Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York.’

#5. The Disney Fantasy Has a Sister Ship

The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy were both commissioned in 2007. They are almost identical, and both had matching lucky coins placed beneath their hulls before they were launched.

The tradition of placing a coin in a ship’s hull stretches back into history and is thought to bring good luck to the vessel. Minnie Mouse placed the magic coin on the Fantasy during a ceremony in 2011.

#6. The Ear Span of Dumbo on the Stern Is Seven Feet Wide

Every Disney cruise liner has signature 3D characters on the stern. The Fantasy features a 2,300-pound sculpture of Dumbo and Timothy. The creation is made from fiberglass and covered in marine-grade stainless steel.

#7. The Fantasy Weighs More Than 24,266 Adult Elephants

Having Dumbo on the back of the ship is one thing, but even 1,000 flying baby elephants are nowhere near as heavy as The Disney Fantasy. The ship weighs 130,000 gross tons, and it is estimated that one would need a herd of 24,266 fully-grown male African elephants to balance the scale!

#8. The Fantasy Chandelier Is a Unique Work of Art

Created to be reminiscent of a peacock, the central chandelier in the Fantasy features tones of green and blue. The massive feature is more than 10 feet in diameter and contains over 60,000 clear Swarovski crystals.

#9. Mademoiselle Minnie Will Meet You in the Lobby

A classic Disney character statue is the centerpiece in the atrium on all Disney cruise ships.

On the Fantasy, Minnie Mouse, dressed in traveling gear, including a parasol, adorns the welcome area. Rest assured, once on board, you can take plenty of happy holiday photos around this iconic bronze sculpture.

#10. Pepe, The Prawn King, Has a Cabin on the Disney Fantasy

While out and about exploring all the magic and excitement on your Disney Fantasy cruise, look out for Stateroom 5148½. It’s situated just down the hall from the Kid’s Club and offers younger guests an interactive detective activity featuring the Muppets.

Check out the door, which has a number that guests can call to hear jokes or even get dating advice.

#11. The Disney Fantasy Has Magical Portholes

Staying in an interior stateroom is every bit as exciting as having a balcony on the Disney Fantasy. All staterooms have portholes, and inside rooms also offer a live view of the scene outside via cameras set on the ship’s exterior.

These inside portholes feature a delightful detail. If you look carefully, a few animated Disney characters may appear in the scene! You might just spot Dumbo or Tinkerbell flitting past your porthole!

#12. Recycling Is an Important Part of All Disney Cruises

Guests on the Disney Fantasy can enjoy themselves knowing that all plastic, aluminum, and paper being used onboard will be recycled. In addition, even the used cooking oil gets collected and sent to Bahamas Waste Management, where it is made into biodiesel fuel.

#13. The Disney Fantasy Was Born in Germany

In March 2009, the very first steel was cut to begin work on what was to become the Disney Fantasy. She was commissioned to Meyer Werft shipyards in Germany.

#14. Disney Fantasy Has More Decks Than You Can See

Guests on the Fantasy will know that there are 14 decks to explore. However, there are 16 decks in total, with 14 open to passengers. The lowest two decks contain equipment and machinery to power the vessel.

#15. The Disney Fantasy is longer from stem to stern than the Eiffel Tower is tall

The length of this massive ship is 1,114.8 ft (339.80 m), while the Eiffel Tower in Paris is 1,083 ft (330 m) tall. Its size is truly amazing to witness in person!

#16. The Maximum Speed of the Disney Fantasy is 24,7 Knots

Although the Fantasy can reach a speed of 28.4 mph (45.7 KPH), its usual cruising speed is around 22 knots, which is 25 mph (41 KPH). The majestic ship’s gentle yet steady pace as it powers forward leaves guests with plenty of time to enjoy the ocean views.

#17. The Fantasy Has Double the Number of Required Lights

Everything about Disney Fantasy is magical, and she has plenty of special lighting effects. Her shipbuilders in Germany included close to 80,000 light points on the vessel — that is approximately double the required number for a ship of her size.

#18. The Ship Was Designed to Carry Over 5,000 People

The Disney Fantasy and her twin, The Disney Dream, can both accommodate 4,000 passengers in addition to the 1,450 cast and crew members. There are 1,250 staterooms, the largest of which is the Concierge Royal Suite.

#19. There is an Elevated Water Coaster on the Disney Fantasy

In addition to the multiple heated swimming pools, guests can enjoy a thrilling, elevated ride around the ship’s top deck. The AquaDuck water coaster sits atop 46 ft (14 m) tall stilts and is 765 feet (233 m) long. A fun Disney Fantasy stat is that the AquaDuck uses 10,000 gallons of water every minute!

#20. There Are Plenty of Places To Cool off and Splash Around

In addition to the AquaDuck water coaster, the Disney Fantasy has three swimming pools. Families can enjoy Donald’s pool, while adults will love Quiet Cove and Satellite Falls.

There are also several themed splash zones and paddle pools for younger guests.

#21. Staterooms Offer ‘Bath-And-A-Half‘ Bathrooms

Families with multiple members all trying to get ready simultaneously know the frustration of waiting for each person to finish in the bathroom before being able to leave.

Disney cruise liners, including Fantasy, have two bathroom areas in each stateroom! One has a bath or shower and sink, while the other has a sink and a toilet, making getting ready for activities much faster.

#22. There Are Three Main Dining Restaurants on Fantasy

The three main restaurants onboard the Disney Fantasy are the Animator’s Palate, Enchanted Garden, and Royal Court. The use of these eateries is included in the Disney Cruise ticket, and dining works on a rotational system, so you’ll never get bored from eating in the same restaurant.

#23. Two Sit-Down Restaurants Cater to Adults-only Dining

Guests over 18 who want a more intimate dining experience can make a reservation at Remy or Palo restaurants. However, there is an extra cost, and you should book in advance.

#24. Room Service Meals Are Included in the Cruise Price

Room service is always one of the biggest treats for my family when we go on vacation. The room service menu is available throughout the day and night, and Room Service Request cards can be hung outside the door the night before for anyone wanting breakfast delivered first thing in the morning.

This is especially convenient for days in port when you want to get out and explore early!

#25. There Are Multiple Casual Dining Outlets Onboard

You’ll never go hungry when you’re on board the Disney Fantasy. Multiple casual dining outlets around the ship serve food that’s included in the cruise ticket cost.

You can indulge in Mickey-shaped waffles at Cabanas or head to Eye Scream, where guests can create their own ice cream masterpieces. In addition, there are plenty of casual food options that will satisfy all family members.

#26. You Can Eat Ice Cream Onboard Until You Pop!

Although you will never come close to building an actual snowman while enjoying the tropical Caribbean weather, there is unlimited ice cream to enjoy while on board. Look for multiple complimentary ice cream stations and soda fountains where you can create ice cream floats whenever you need to cool down.

#27. A Sailing Away Party Kicks off Each Cruise

Guests on the Disney Fantasy don’t have long to wait for the fun to begin. You’ll start your cruise with a ‘Sailing Away Party’ hosted by Mickey, Minnie, and the Disney gang, which entertains guests of all ages.

#28. The Broadway-Style Theatre Can Seat 1,340 Guests

A spectacular Disney musical takes to the stage every night in the Walt Disney Theatre aboard the Fantasy. The current show offerings include:

  • Frozen — A Musical Spectacular
  • Disney’s Aladdin
  • Disney’s Believe: A clever compilation show that takes the audience on a journey through many of Disney’s most beloved tales.

#29. Fireworks at Sea Come Standard

No Disney Cruise would be complete without a Pirates of the Caribbean deck party! Guests are encouraged to dress up in pirate gear and join all the swashbuckling fun on the top deck.

Part of the event includes an impressive pyrotechnic display that lights up the night sky — which is themed to familiar songs from the movie.

#30. The Pixar Day at Sea Only Happens on Select Cruises

If you book a cruise that includes the fabulous Pixar Day at Sea, Pixar fans are in for a treat. It is a full day crammed with Monsters Inc. favorites, Toy Story characters, and The Incredibles.

From deck parties to fun-filled character encounters, it truly is a memorable event. Take note that this experience is only available on select 7-day cruises aboard Disney Fantasy.

#31. The Fantasy Has an Adults-Only Nightlife District

Adults with kids who have had more than their daily dose of all things Disney can escape to Europa on deck 4 (Aft) in the evenings. This nighttime entertainment district allows guests to visit five clubs and lounges, each representing a European country.

#32. Guests With Motion Sickness Should Book Midship

It’s no fun feeling queasy while at sea. Although Disney Fantasy is a large vessel and sailing is relatively smooth, the slight movement may make some guests ill. It helps to book a stateroom in the middle of the ship. You should aim for a middle stateroom on deck six for the least movement.

If you still end up with motion sickness, you can ask a cast member or your cabin steward for over-the-counter medication, and they will provide it at no charge.

#33. You Can Only Use Magnets to Decorate Your Door

One of my favorite parts of Disney vacations is planning our family’s door décor ahead of the trip! On Disney cruises, you can bring premade door décor magnets or purchase a roll of magnets aboard the Fantasy and stick up memorabilia throughout the cruise.

No tape, adhesive, or over-the-door hangers are permitted. The only doors where magnets will not work are the Concierge staterooms, as the doors are wooden.

#34. There Is a Nursery for Kids From Six Months to Three Years Old

Although no in-cabin babysitting is available on the Fantasy, there is a well-equipped nursery. Trained childcare specialists at It’s a Small World Nursery on deck 5 care for children up to age three. Reservations are required, and there is an hourly charge.

#35. Disney Fantasy Visits a Private Island

If cruising on a luxury ocean liner for a few days isn’t impressive enough, most Disney Fantasy cruises include a stop at Disney’s very own pristine island, Castaway Cay.

Guests can enjoy the warm sandy beaches and crystal-clear water of the secluded island paradise or spend a few hours hiking and exploring before returning to the Fantasy. The price of your cruise includes food, non-alcoholic drinks, and many activities at Castaway Cay!

#36. You can see where the Fantasy is currently located!

Check out this tool, which shows the live location of the ship.

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